Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Podcast 2021 (Mostar, Blagaj, Sarajevo)

Episode 8
1h 8m | Mar 18, 2021

This Travel Podcast talks about our stories from our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It explains what we had to go through to get into Bosnia and Herzegovina by land from Montenegro in 2021. It also details our time in Mostar, where we spent a week in the city without seeing anyone jumping off of the bridge! We visited the Partisan's Cemetery, the Peace Tower, the Stari Most (Old Bridge), and had the Bosnian Coffee process explained and demonstrated by a local at a cafe at the top of the Stari Most Bridge.

We also went to Blagaj. This city is known for one particular picture spot that is famous on Instagram but we also wanted to explore more.We not only toured the Dervish House, we also when to the Blagaj Fort; also known as Stjepan-grad.

We also detailed our time in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We walked around and saw the sights and landmarks of the city. We visited the Baščaršija market, the Gazi Husrev-beg section of town, the Latin Bridge, churches and museums.

Time stamps:

Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina - 0:50

Mostar Sniper Tower - 13:13

Bruce Lee Statue - 18:50

Partisan Cemetery - 22:50

Peace Tower - 27:50

Stari Most and Bosnian Coffee - 32:00

Blagaj (Dervish House) - 42:00

Blagaj Fort - 49:50

Sarajevo - 54:40

Mostar -

Blagaj -

Sarajevo -

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