Road Trip to Florida Panhandle Podcast (Tallahassee, Donna Kay, Cape San Blas, Carrabelle, US 98)

Episode 4
30m | Feb 5, 2021

Welcome to Travel Stories by Wity Travels. For just the audio of this podcast, check us out on Spotify, Apple, or your preferred podcast provider. We are your hosts, Will and Katy. In today's episode we are going to share our stories and behind the YouTube scenes details about our trip to the Florida Panhandle.

We took a trip to Tallahassee to see FSU and FAMU, Carrabelle to see the World's Smallest Police Station, Cape San Blas to see the Donna Kay abandoned ship, and a few other small beach towns!

The Panhandle is the northwest part of the state. Georgia is north of Tallahassee, but the rest of the panhandle is surrounded to the north and west by Alabama. Tallahassee is landlocked but so many of the other cities in the Panhandle are right on the Gulf of Mexico.

We found the Donna Kay shrimp boat (boat on land), Destin - known as the "World’s luckiest fishing village," the world's smallest police station, and the enchanting beach that is a former best beach in America winner.

Time stamps:

* Tallahassee - 1:12

* Wakulla Springs - 10:06

* Carrabelle - 12:34

* Cape San Blas - 16:07

* Donna Kay - 20:10

* Panama City - 23:46

* Destin - 27:19


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