Travel Inspired with Cambria Hotels

How do you make the most of your trips when you are strapped for time? How can you stay inspired while dreaming of your next vacation? Get the latest travel insights from one of the largest hotel companies in the world, Choice Hotels International, Inc. This limited series podcast, hosted by Janis Cannon, senior vice president of upscale brands, Choice Hotels and Rick Hertan, director of Cambria Hotels brand management, provides insider tips and advice for modern travelers looking to visit some of the most desirable destinations across the U.S.

Cambria Hotels, an upscale brand from Choice Hotels, provides guests with an authentic taste of the surrounding city and allows them to treat themselves to approachable indulgences while on the road. For more details, visit to learn more, check out the latest promotions and book a stay.


Tasting the city through locally inspired cuisine
Show Details1min 29s
Experiencing local culture without leaving the hotel
Show Details1min 27s
Hosting successful business meetings at Cambria Hotels
Show Details1min 21s
Unwinding with spa-like comforts
Show Details1min 30s
The importance of creating a sense of space and place
Show Details1min 56s
Maximizing time and relaxation with purposeful design
Show Details1min 59s