• Cheese in the Trap RECAP (eps 1-5) Episode 3 | Trapping the Cheese

    Model student Seol Hong finds herself caught in a maze since her first encounter with Jung Yu at a welcoming back party for returning university students. Today we break down what happened in the first 5 episodes of Cheese in the Trap. Comments from readers on Webtoon will be included and discussed. Today’s episode features no guest, music is brought to you by Ele_soundtracks.


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    24m - Nov 27, 2020
  • Inha Baek: The Ultimate Frenemy Episode 2 | Trapping the Cheese

    Inha Baek is the older sister of Inho Baek and childhood friend of Jung Yoo. We are first introduced to her in season 1 and throughout Cheese in the Trap Webtoon she plays a major role when it comes to the theme of abused and manipulation. Readers have a love and hate relationship with Inha Baek. On today’s episode with our guest Meritre, we discuss and share our opinions on Inha Baek. Could her violent nature be excused because of her abusive past? Is there more to her than being a gold digger? What about love? Find out on today’s episode, new episodes every Friday

    E2 - 30m - Nov 6, 2020
  • Who is Jung? Episode 1 | Trapping the Cheese

    Who is Jung? Today we are joined by Meritre a fan of Cheese in the Trap Webtoon as we discuss Jung Yu.

    Jung Yu is one of the main characters in Cheese in the Trap, and an interesting, complex character. We explore in this episode who is Jung Yu, his relationships with the Baek siblings, Seol Hong, his classmates, his parents, childhood and so much more.

    This is part 1 of Who is Jung.

    The biography on Jung Yu was provided by Cheese in the trap fandom

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    S1E1 - 27m - Sep 11, 2020
  • Why Cheese in the Trap? Episode 0 | Trapping the Cheese

    Why Cheese in the trap Webtoon?

    On today’s episode of Trapping the Cheese we explore what makes Cheese in the Trap Webtoon special and what sets it apart from other Webtoons or webcomics you may have read.

    Our host toontalkCassie breaks down why we consider Cheese in the Trap to be cultural phenomenon worthy of discussing on a podcast.

    We’ll introduce you to some of the characters like Hong Seol, Yoo Jung, the Baek siblings and so much. Stay tune and enjoy episode 0 of Trapping the Cheese.

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    -Music brought to you by: Ele_soundtracks

    S1 - 6m - Sep 1, 2020
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