Super Awesome Showdown wants to bring you more content, "but how?" we asked ourselves. Since you're here I guess the answer to that question is fairly obvious. Spike and Vic from the San Diego native wrestling promotion Super Awesome Showdown will talk about putting on a wrestling promotion, whatever frustrated us over the course of the day, and news.


ep. 27 Solar Powered SexBot
Show Details51min 15s
Ep. 26 Japanese Rolled Taco
Show Details39min 49s
Ep. 25 Movie talk
Show Details40min 13s
Ep. 22 Vic can never do the intro or outro
Show Details35min
Ep. 21 But the pear is missing
Show Details40min 45s
Ep. 20 The hollow deck is powered by your... fluids
Show Details37min 7s
Ep. 18 waiting for Immortan Joe to milk our GF's
Show Details39min 3s
Ep. 17 I'm a blessing to badgers everywhere
Show Details32min
Ep. 16 Eat that spider Dick
Show Details42min 56s
Ep. 15 Diminished Labia
Show Details39min 21s
Ep. 13-I bruise easily
Show Details38min 12s
Ep. 12 Live(ish) from the Tango Pt. 2
Show Details22min 46s
Ep.11 Live(ish) from the Tango Del Rey
Show Details18min 40s
Ep. 10 The Anorexic Scorpions
Show Details29min 45s
Ep 9. (For Real This time)
Show Details33min 56s
Ep. 9 I just can't finish a poop story
Show Details24min 39s
Ep. 8 I love Japanese mechanics
Show Details24min 39s
Ep. 7 The Ol' Tampon Launcher
Show Details23min 35s
Ep. 6 We have some risqué show ideas
Show Details30min
Ep. 5 We are big fans of frivolous lawsuits
Show Details25min 41s
Victor would be a bad pet owner
Show Details41min 44s
Transmit Podcast Django DLC
Show Details23min 48s
Transmit Podcast Frozen Human Lawn Dart
Show Details29min 26s
Transmit Podcasts Too Much Food
Show Details33min 43s