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Tracks from the Treehouse Lounge

Welcome all to the world famous Treehouse Lounge! Your host, Mortimer "Majic" Main will escort you on a short trip into an all genre musical journey each and every day! Each episode we select a new LP from the loosely alphabetized Lounge collection and take a choice track (or two, or three) for a spin. We'll talk music, trivia, life and all the rest in between, all based on the track of the day! So mix up a Mai Tai, pull up a beanbag chair and let's party!


The Hollies EP 113
Show Details30min 55s
Lesley Gore EP 112
Show Details29min 11s
The Gun Club EP 111
Show Details32min 55s
Marvin Gaye EP 110
Show Details36min 29s
Childish Gambino EP 109
Show Details32min 6s
Generation X EP 108
Show Details32min 22s
The Guess Who EP 107
Show Details35min 22s
Getz Gilberto EP 106
Show Details33min 19s
The Go Go's EP 105
Show Details34min 1s
Guns N Wankers EP 104
Show Details27min 6s
Guided By Voices EP 103
Show Details33min 6s
Al Green EP 102
Show Details32min 21s
The Four Seasons EP 101
Show Details27min 47s
A Flock of Seagulls EP 100
Show Details27min 55s
Fat Boys Ep 99
Show Details29min 34s
Fleetwood Mac EP 98
Show Details31min 37s
Fine Young Cannibals EP 97
Show Details31min 29s
Ella Fitzgerald EP 96
Show Details29min 23s
Echo and the Bunnymen pt 3 EP 95
Show Details32min 13s
The English Beat AKA The Beat pt 3 EP 94
Show Details24min 41s
Elvis pt 2 EP 93
Show Details33min 6s
Echo and the Bunnymen pt 2 EP 92
Show Details27min 8s
The English Beat AKA The Beat pt 2 EP 91
Show Details28min 11s
Eagles AKA The Eagles EP 90
Show Details30min 25s
Electric Frankenstein EP 89
Show Details29min 23s
The Everly Brothers EP 88
Show Details32min 37s
Echo and the Bunnymen EP 87
Show Details28min 5s
Elvis EP 86
Show Details28min 2s
The English Beat AKA The Beat EP 85
Show Details24min 54s
The Doors pt 4 EP 84
Show Details28min 22s
Bob Dylan pt 4 EP 83
Show Details23min 51s
Bob Dylan pt 3 EP 82
Show Details28min 40s
The Doors pt 3 EP 81
Show Details27min 23s
Lana Del Rey EP 80
Show Details25min 58s
Bob Dylan pt 2 EP 79
Show Details25min 12s
Deep Purple EP 78
Show Details27min 33s
Neil Diamond EP 77
Show Details24min 20s
Devo EP 76
Show Details25min 43s
Dead Kennedys EP 75
Show Details27min 46s
The Doors pt 2 EP 74
Show Details33min 13s
Donovan EP 73
Show Details24min 41s
Descendents EP 72
Show Details25min 14s
Duran Duran EP 71
Show Details25min 4s
Drake EP 70
Show Details29min 29s
Bob Dylan EP 69
Show Details24min 22s
The Doors EP 68
Show Details24min 23s
The Clash pt 6 EP 67
Show Details24min 54s
The Cure pt 2 EP 66
Show Details22min 17s
The Clash pt 5 EP 65
Show Details26min 16s
Eric Clapton EP 64
Show Details26min 3s
The Clash pt 4 EP 63
Show Details24min 59s
Alice Cooper EP 62
Show Details24min 17s
Creedence Clearwater Revival pt 2 EP 61
Show Details25min 2s
Phil Collins EP 60
Show Details26min 41s
The Clash pt 3 EP 59
Show Details25min 14s
Cream EP 58
Show Details20min 20s
Johnny Cash EP 57
Show Details19min 55s
Chubby Checker EP 56
Show Details19min 47s
The Clash EP 55
Show Details26min 33s
City Girls EP 54
Show Details21min 14s
The Cars EP 53
Show Details19min 16s
The Cure EP 52
Show Details22min 32s
Crosby Stills Nash & Young EP 51
Show Details23min 3s
The Cramps EP 50
Show Details21min 40s
Creedence Clearwater Revival EP 49
Show Details17min 9s
The Clash
Show Details19min 9s
David Bowie pt 5
Show Details21min 37s
EP 46 The B-52s ***TFTTL***
Show Details20min 13s
EP 45 The Bangels pt 2 ***TFTTL***
Show Details24min 1s
EP 44 The Beatles pt 4 ***TFTTL***
Show Details26min 31s
EP 43 Blondie pt 4 ***TFTTL***
Show Details17min 15s
EP 42 James Brown ***TFTTL***
Show Details20min 18s
EP 41 Bad Religion ***TFTTL***
Show Details17min 14s
EP 40 Burning Spear ***TFTTL***
Show Details18min 15s
EP 39 Bowie pt 4 ***TFTTL***
Show Details16min 41s
EP 38 The Business ***TFTTL***
Show Details21min 31s
EP 37 Blondie pt 3 ***TFTTL***
Show Details18min 7s
EP 36 Black Sabbath pt 2 ***TFTTL***
Show Details14min 55s
EP 35 The Beatles pt 2 ***TFTTL***
Show Details20min 18s
EP 34 The Boomtown Rats ***TFTTL***
Show Details15min 33s
EP 33 The B-52s pt 2 ***TFTTL***
Show Details18min 57s
EP 32 Eric Burdon & The Animals ***TFTTL***
Show Details20min 19s
EP 31 Blondie pt 2 ***TFTTL***
Show Details17min 39s
EP 30 The Bangles ***TFTTL***
Show Details14min 51s
EP 29 Beach Boys pt 2 ***TFTTL***
Show Details16min 13s
EP 28 David Bowie pt 3 ***TFTTL***
Show Details20min 39s
EP 27 Black Sabbath ***TFTTL***
Show Details15min 19s
EP 26 Blondie ***TFTTL***
Show Details12min 56s
EP 25 The Beatles ***TFTTL***
Show Details17min 19s
EP 24 Big Boys ***TFTTL***
Show Details15min 44s
EP 23 David Bowie pt 2 ***TFTTL***
Show Details16min 34s
EP 22 Big Country ***TFTTL***
Show Details15min 22s
EP 21 Harry Belafonte ***TFTTL***
Show Details16min 39s
EP 20 Beastie Boys ***TFTTL***
Show Details18min 53s
EP 19 The B-52s ***TFTTL***
Show Details15min 9s
EP 18 The Birthday Party ***TFTTL***
Show Details16min 22s
EP 17 The Beach Boys ***TFTTL***
Show Details13min 58s
EP 16 Buzzcocks ***TFTTL***
Show Details11min 1s
EP 15 David Bowie ***TFTTL***
Show Details12min 5s
EP 14 Built To Spill ***TFTTL***
Show Details15min 3s
EP 13 Bedouin Soundclash ***TFTTL***
Show Details10min 28s
EP 12 The Black Lips ***TFTTL***
Show Details8min 33s
EP 11 Aerosmith ***TFTTL***
Show Details13min 5s
EP 10 Aswad "Rainbow Culture" ***TFTTL***
Show Details19min 59s
EP 9 The Association "Along Comes Mary" ***TFTTL***
Show Details9min 59s
EP 8 ABBA "Dancing Queen" ***TFTTL***
Show Details10min 1s
TFTTL Ep 7 Alabama Shakes "Sound and Color"
Show Details9min 11s
EP 6 Tracks from the Treehouse Lounge
Show Details11min 28s
EP 5 Tracks from the Treehouse Lounge
Show Details8min 33s
EP 4 Tracks from the Treehouse Lounge
Show Details12min 29s
EP 3 Tracks from the Treehouse Lounge
Show Details14min 54s
Tracks from the Treehouse Lounge EP 2
Show Details13min 37s
Tracks from the Treehouse Lounge EP 1
Show Details8min 28s