Sam Bush

Season 2 | Episode 2
1h 11m | Jan 30, 2024

“Newgrass” luminary Sam Bush joins host Tom Power for the highly anticipated first episode of Toy Heart Season 2. Bush - the celebrated mandolinist and co-founder of Newgrass Revival and the Telluride House Band - opens up about his illustrious career: from his early days of fiddle contests in Weiser, Idaho, to the pivotal moments learning at the feet of influential figures like Bill Monroe; Bush’s narrative weaves a rich tapestry of bluegrass history.

The episode features stories of his many genre-breaking collaborations, including playing with the Dillards and Newgrass Revival and his time at Capitol Records. Sam waxes poetic about the magic of jam sessions and improvisation, and the profound influence of artists like Byron Berline. From the roots of “Callin’ Baton Rouge” to the impact of the Vietnam era, Bush’s journey is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of bluegrass.

Presented by BGS (The Bluegrass Situation)

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