Towards a New Renaissance

In Towards a New Renaissance, David Lorimer reviews significant and inspiring books across a range of disciplines including science, health, philosophy, spirituality, consciousness studies, ecology and politics for open-minded and curious listeners.


A Gnostic Revival
Show Details24min 14s
Healing Paths
Show Details19min 40s
Technology and the Future
Show Details20min 22s
The Regeneration Revolution
Show Details15min 10s
Hermann Hesse - the Wanderer
Show Details14min 18s
Secular and Mystical Spirituality
Show Details20min 23s
Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology
Show Details27min 43s
The Will to Power
Show Details25min 25s
Religion, Metaphor and Justice
Show Details15min 8s
Dr Albert Schweitzer
Show Details13min 11s