Total Entertainment Podcast

The Total Entertainment Podcast - From Muster X Media, is a podcast where grass roots talent can get a chance to be interviewed as well as show the world a sample of their entertainment product.

We openly encourage, musicians, singers, actors, directors, writers, and cabaret artists to come on our show fir an interview and talk about their act.


Episode 27.5 Supporting Artist Megan McKenna (Ball and Boe Tour 2021)
Show Details9min 5s
Episode 27: Michael Ball and Alfie Boe Tour 2021 - Cardiff
Show Details42min 38s
Episode 26.5 - Supporting Artists Chris Difford And Lulu
Show Details30min 28s
Episode 26: Jools Holland Tour 2021 - Cardiff
Show Details48min 43s
Episode 25: a Quick Update - Mark Drakeford Is An Enemy Of Live Entertainment
Show Details7min 30s
Episode 24.5 Supporting Artists Tom Bailey & Altered Images (Human League Tour)
Show Details23min 8s
Episode 25: Human League Tour 2021
Show Details37min 42s
Episode 24.5 Supporting Artists - Squeeze
Show Details11min 27s
Episode 24 Madness Tour 2021 - Cardiff
Show Details25min 43s
Episode 23 An Interview With Mandala
Show Details54min 44s
Episode 22.5 Supporting Artist Leona Lewis
Show Details10min 57s
Episode 22 Gary Barlow Tour Cardiff 2021
Show Details32min 11s
Supporting Artist: Lil Pino (D-Block Europe Tour)
Show Details9min 22s
Episode 21: D-Block Europe 2021 Tour
Show Details26min 13s
Episode 20.5 Supporting Artists - Happy Mondays (James Tour 2021)
Show Details12min 40s
Episode 20 James Tour 2021
Show Details34min 48s
Episode 19.5 Supporting Artists: Gang Of Youths
Show Details9min 8s
Episode 19: Sam Fender Tour 2021
Show Details22min 27s
Episode 18.5 Supporting Artists: Bob Vylan & The Hives
Show Details20min 59s
Episode 18 The Offspring Tour 2021
Show Details40min 16s
Episode 17.5 Supporting Artists Eats Everything / Bklava
Show Details9min 6s
Episode 17 Fatboy Slim Tour - Cardiff 2021
Show Details31min 22s
Episode 16.5 Supporting Artist - K.T Tunstall
Show Details6min 46s
Episode 16: Rick Astley Tour 2021 - Cardiff
Show Details28min 2s
Episode 15.5 Supporting Artist Eloise (London Grammar Tour 2021)
Show Details6min 24s
Episode 15: London Grammar
Show Details21min 54s
Episode 14.5 Supporting Artist Rebecca Ferguson (Michael Bolton Tour)
Show Details4min 11s
Episode 14: Michel Bolton (second Attempt)
Show Details10min 32s
Episode 13.5 Supporting Artist - Cassa Jackson (JLS Tour)
Show Details6min 7s
Episode 13: J.L.S 2.0 Tour 2021
Show Details37min
Episode 12.5 Supporting Artist. Keston Cobblers'' Club (Paul Heaton)
Show Details5min 8s
Episode 12: Paul Heaton And Jacqui Abbott
Show Details23min 54s
Muster X Media Trailer: Gumshoe Special "The Lord Of The Ring-piece"
Show Details2min 56s
Episode 11 Paloma Faith tour 2021 - Cardiff
Show Details25min 31s
Episode 10 Erasure Neon Tour 2021
Show Details27min 17s
Episode 9 Nothing But Thieves Tour 2021
Show Details29min 43s
Episode 8.5 An Interview with Adam Kerr
Show Details54min 57s
Breaking news! Emmanuel Kojo Sacked from Sleeping Beauty.
Show Details8min 55s
Episode 8 Michael Bolton 2021 Love Songs
Show Details22min 5s
Episode 7 Bring Me The Horizon
Show Details34min 40s
Episode 6 WWE Live In Cardiff
Show Details21min 8s
Episode 5 The Manic Street Preachers NHS Thank you Concert
Show Details23min
Episode 4 - Elbow Tour 17th September 2021
Show Details14min 1s
Episode 3 - McFly tour 16th September 2021
Show Details27min 25s
Episode 2 - The Specials 10th September 2021
Show Details23min 14s
Episode 1 - Introduction
Show Details50min 29s
Podcast Trailer
Show Details1min 5s