Total Entertainment Podcast

The Total Entertainment Podcast - From Muster X Media, is a podcast where grass roots talent can get a chance to be interviewed as well as show the world a sample of their entertainment product.

We openly encourage, musicians, singers, actors, directors, writers, and cabaret artists to come on our show fir an interview and talk about their act.


Episode 5 The Manic Street Preachers NHS Thank you Concert
Show Details23min
Episode 4 - Elbow Tour 17th September 2021
Show Details14min 1s
Episode 3 - McFly tour 16th September 2021
Show Details27min 25s
Episode 2 - The Specials 10th September 2021
Show Details23min 14s
Episode 1 - Introduction
Show Details50min 29s
Podcast Trailer
Show Details1min 5s