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Sex and Swinging with TorontoUnicorn

Swinger storyteller, educator, and sex club enthusiast! Come enjoy my unique raw honesty, with a hint of sass, as I overshare my life with you.

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Ep:45 What night should YOU go to Oasis Aqualounge for the first time? I break down the days of the week
Show Details4min 41s
Ep:44 Swinger lifestyle Q&A livestream with TorontoUnicorn (in my cozy jammies)😊
Show Details54min 3s
Ep:43 My channel helps women find their sexual power… and R and I saw that first hand (storytime)
Show Details3min 42s
Ep:42 Life & TorontoUnicorn business news, inside info into my sex life, and more
Show Details10min 27s
Show Details5min 22s
Ep:41 Two single women went to NYX Lounge (swinger social and on-premise sex club) and THIS is what happened (storytime)
Show Details17min 18s
Ep:40 I invited a fan to join my friends gangbang *oasis vlog*
Show Details4min 50s
Ep:39 Naughty school girl theme night at NYX Lounge (swinger social and SEX club) 😇😈🔥 *vlog*
Show Details3min 25s
Ep:38 Live comedy at Oasis Aqualounge sex club. Vlog podcast with R
Show Details4min 8s
Ep:37AFTER DARK story time!
Show Details4min 17s
Ep:37 Story time: I spontaneously directed multiple gang bangs and an orgy!
Show Details9min 9s
Ep:36 Multiple gangbangs and an orgy! Deviant Playground at Oasis Aqualounge vlog formatted for podcast
Show Details6min 8s
Ep:35 My first VLOG podcast! HEAR me experience foot fetish theme night at Oasis Aqualounge sex club.
Show Details5min 31s
Ep:34 Eavesdrop on R and I chatting in the car leaving X Club sex club for the first time…podcast style 😘
Show Details8min 44s
Ep:33 AFTER DARK BONUS - additional sex story details from a FMF with R
Show Details8min 46s
Ep:33 Story time: R and I shared our FIRST EVER SWINGER play scene (part 2 of 2)
Show Details14min 24s
Ep:32 Our nervousness surprised us 😳 FULL DEBRIEF with R on our first visit to X Club SEX CLUB 😈🦄🔥 part 1 of 2
Show Details20min
Ep:31 Swinging Lifestyle 101 - Everything you need to know! (audio of live stream chat)
Show Details21min 18s
Ep:30 Getting the nervous “feels” before visiting a NEW sex club tomorrow!
Show Details10min 51s
Ep:29 Storytime: two gangbangs and a threesome. DTF night at Oasis Aqualounge sex club
Show Details7min 37s
Ep:28 They would do THIS differently when swinging if they started all over again (swinger advice) 🍍 (part 6 of 6)
Show Details4min 44s
Ep:27 He likes sharing his wife with his friends (part 5 of 6)
Show Details4min 41s
Ep:26 Swinging is like drugs for sex & it isn't just couple swapping anymore(part 4 of 6)
Show Details6min 19s
Ep:25 How they started swinging together 33 years ago (part 3 of 6)
Show Details7min 42s
Ep:24 They knew TorontoUnicorn before she was an experienced swinger or had a public persona (part 2 of 6)
Show Details6min 51s
Ep:23 How I met my idolized swinger couple. Meet Nudelyweds 😍🍍 (part 1 of 6)
Show Details5min 7s
Ep:22 Story time: I dominated Jyla_Valentine along with two male Doms at Oasis Aqualounge sex club
Show Details8min 6s
Ep:21 A 21 year old single woman in the swinger lifestyle (aka unicorn) - FULL INTERVIEW with A
Show Details50min
Ep:20 I went to a HOTWIFE and CUCKHOLD event at Oasis Aqualounge sex club and this is what I saw
Show Details5min 29s
Ep:19 She likes being a slut. Sex and swinger girl talk with Jyla_Valentine and TorontoUnicorn
Show Details27min 3s
Ep:18 WHY I love meeting fans at Oasis Aqualounge sex club and what I ask all of them!
Show Details7min 19s
Ep:17 Story time: The best part of DTF night with Jyla_Valentine surprised a lot of us!
Show Details5min 11s
Ep:16 Story time: Jyla_Valentine took 13 men on DTF night at Oasis Aqualounge sex club!
Show Details7min 30s
Ep:15 My return to Oasis Aqualounge sex club on DTF night!!
Show Details5min 17s
Ep:14 Story time: Bukkake night LITE?! Recap of theme night at Oasis Aqualounge sex club
Show Details4min 4s
Ep:13 WHAT to bring to a sex club
Show Details3min 50s
Ep:12 Storytime! My first GROUP SEX at Oasis Aqualounge sex club. Video was deleted off YouTube for being too HOT
Show Details10min 39s
Ep:11 Story time: I was banned from my college pub (and other college party stories)
Show Details10min 4s
Ep:10 I reached 10 MILLION VIEWS today! The story of my TorontoUnicorn YouTube channel
Show Details9min 59s
Ep:9 Story time: How I partied my ASS off in my teens living in a small town
Show Details10min 23s
Ep:8 WHY I’m taking a break from Oasis sex club - Pillow Talk with TorontoUnicorn
Show Details7min 54s
Ep:7 I'm meeting a couple for a threesome tonight at Oasis sex club on Unicorn night
Show Details8min 51s
Ep:6 Storytime: women accepting “indiscriminate DICK”. Bukkake night at Oasis!
Show Details9min 30s
Ep:5 Discussing HOW to sexually dominate Jyla_Valentine at bukkake night. (pre-play negotiation)
Show Details31min 39s
Ep:4 I’m hosting a couple for a MFF threesome tonight THEN I’m taking them to bukkake night at Oasis Aqualounge sex club!
Show Details22min 37s
Ep:3 First REAL podcast brainstorming session!
Show Details9min 28s
Ep:2 Sharing a naughty sexual secret with you, body acceptance in the swinger lifestyle, and more
Show Details14min 46s
Ep:1 I’ve been outed to an ex boyfriend as a swinger YouTuber 😳😜
Show Details13min 21s