A D&D 5E ADV: Tor Vaylis

A motley crew of 7 folks from Dos Ciyole gather round for the first time, Join us for 3 monthly sessions of a D&D campaign that will take characters from level 1 to 20


EP. 10 - In Hidden Caves
Show Details3hr 2min
EP. 9 - Scrappy Buissness
Show Details1hr 22min
EP. 8 - Darkness in the night
Show Details2hr 3min
EP. 7 - The Mercy
Show Details2hr 34min
EP. 6 - Folks Of Mist
Show Details2hr 35min
EP. 5 -Wolves in the Dark
Show Details2hr 16min
EP.4 - The Forest of Lights
Show Details2hr 47min
EP.3 - Wander in the Woods
Show Details2hr 48min
EP.2 - A Walk in the Woods
Show Details2hr 29min
EP.1 - Bearly Beginnings
Show Details3hr 43min