A Chat About History

Just a bloke talking about what interests him in History. Hope you enjoy and please provide any feedback or points of discussion.


Episode #8 - Democracy in Bolivia and the US
Show Details16min 14s
Episode #7 - Normal People? - An insight into the ordinary people behind the Holocaust
Show Details29min 47s
Episode #6 - Political Opportunism or Genuine Concern? - The Roman Republic and 19th Century Britain
Show Details21min 31s
Episode #5 - Star Wars & Ancient Rome
Show Details14min 42s
Episode #4 - How non-violent was Martin Luther King's Civil Rights Movement really?
Show Details20min 2s
Episode #3 - My Lai Massacre
Show Details22min 23s
Episode #2 - Thucydides' Trap today
Show Details29min 1s
Episode #1 - The Thucydides Trap in Ancient context
Show Details23min 45s