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Tomahawk Take Podcast on the Atlanta Braves

FanSided's Tomahawk Take Podcast discusses the latest Atlanta Braves news, analysis and more from the staff at


OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E22: Mets recap, plus Grissom/Swanson/Albies
Show Details42min 23s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E21 Riley and Trade Deadline Analysis
Show Details1hr 4min
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E20 Draft Recap and Soto Chatter
Show Details55min 44s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E19 Drafting a new Farm
Show Details41min 56s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E18 Dueling Rookies
Show Details38min 36s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E17 Who Ya' Got?
Show Details1hr
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E16 Dansby and the All-Stars
Show Details54min 43s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E15 Trade Resources and Draft Philosophies
Show Details50min 6s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E14 Streaks and All-Stars
Show Details35min 34s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E13 Why Ozzie and Adam can't Hit
Show Details50min 24s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E12 Soroka, Dansby, and Hi-Tech
Show Details38min 37s
OFF LEO's ROCKER S3E11 All About Hitting
Show Details37min 25s
S3E10: Braves April Assessment
Show Details37min 20s
TT Podcast S3E9 Opening Weekend
Show Details30min 4s
Show Details52min 7s
S3E7: Roster Shockers, Part 2
Show Details45min 32s
Show Details48min 39s
TT Podcast S3E5 The New CBA and you-know-who
Show Details46min 40s
TT Podcast S3E4 Still too much Posturing
Show Details48min 43s
TT Podcast S3E3: A Baseball History Lesson
Show Details19min 1s
TT Podcast S3E2 Hot Buttons
Show Details51min 58s
Show Details49min 16s
S2E38: Locked out Without a Key
Show Details1hr
S2E37: Freddie Freeman and the Early Off-season
Show Details55min 33s
S2E36: The Braves are World Series Champions!
Show Details49min 33s
Episode S2E35: The WORLD SERIES Preview edition
Show Details38min 38s
Episode S2E34: Previewing the end of the NLCS
Show Details44min 35s
NLCS Preview TT Podcast S2E33 16OCT2021
Show Details52min 58s
Episode S2E32: The NLDS Playoff Breakdown with Predictions
Show Details43min 8s
Episode S2E31: The Braves clinch! (playoff outlook)
Show Details39min 59s
S2E30: What's Authentication all about?
Show Details24min 47s
Episode S2E29: The Braves things we worry about
Show Details32min 21s
S2E28: Septemeber 11 and the Atlanta Braves
Show Details52min 26s
Episode S2E27: September Preview
Show Details48min 55s
EPISODE E2:S26 We're on a roll here!
Show Details46min 48s
Episode S2E25: Where the Atlanta Braves go from here
Show Details43min 25s
TT Podcast S2E24 31JUL2021
Show Details55min 16s
Episode S2E23 - Pederson, Freeman, Deadlines, and Drafts!
Show Details44min 28s
Podcast S2E22: Buy or Sell ... or just Draft well?
Show Details49min 14s
Episode S2E21: What are the Atlanta Braves cooking up?
Show Details34min 24s
S2E20: The Atlanta Braves and the urgency of the matter
Show Details41min 20s
TomahawkTake Podcast S2E19: are the Braves what they are?
Show Details40min 32s
S2E18: On the Atlanta Braves and Marcell Ozuna
Show Details42min 49s
Podcast S2E17: What's the problem with Baseball in general?
Show Details41min 27s
Episode S2E16: Looking for glimmers of hope
Show Details32min 16s
S2E15: Why can't this Braves team just win?
Show Details33min 30s
S2E14: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of April
Show Details28min 57s
S2E13: Trying to explain the unexplainable
Show Details34min 34s
Show Details38min 19s
S2E11: 1st Week reactions and over-reactions
Show Details36min 18s
EPISODE S2E10: Predictions Certain to be Right!
Show Details30min 11s
Episode S2E9: a focus on the bench
Show Details43min 11s
EPISODE S2E8: News from North Port and Spring Battles
Show Details26min 23s
EPISODE S2E7: the Lion, the Bench, and the Wardrobe
Show Details41min 8s
S2E6: Roster Depth of Despair plus Soroka Concerns
Show Details37min 36s
S2E5: So have we made a trade yet? No?
Show Details34min 5s
EPISODE 4: Remembering Aaron and Recognizing Mazzone
Show Details42min 15s
2021 Episode 3: Don Sutton and making it "Real"
Show Details33min 45s
2021 Episode 2: Hot Stove Pause Button
Show Details48min 40s
2021 Episode 1: Reaction to the Mets Lindor acquisition
Show Details47min 33s
EPISODE 38: Players vs. Owners - a Game Nobody Wins
Show Details56min 33s
EPISODE 37: Charlie Morton signs with the Atlanta Braves
Show Details37min 40s
EPISODE 36: Smyly signs, Rule 5 protection, non-tender/trade previews
Show Details35min 28s
Episode 35: On Freeman, Rule-breakers, and the new off-season
Show Details57min 43s
Episode 34: A blueprint for the MLB Off-season
Show Details51min 46s
EPISODE 33: The NLCS Preview Edition
Show Details46min 36s
EPISODE 32: The Atlanta Braves Won a Playoff Series!
Show Details52min 48s
EPISODE 31: The Braves win another division title
Show Details53min 53s
EPISODE 30: Playoffs, Playoff Rotation, the Rules, and MVFREE
Show Details56min 38s
EPISODE 29: High Scoring and Poor Pitching
Show Details43min 22s
EPISODE 28: About that Trade Deadline... Playoff matchups... prospects.
Show Details52min 8s
Show Details43min 11s
EPISODE 26: A baseball and life conversation with "The Rookie"
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 25: How to deal with the coming trade deadline
Show Details1hr 1min
EPISODE 24: The Walk-off Podcast
Show Details38min 42s
EPISODE 23: First Week of Season is done!
Show Details42min 28s
EPISODE 22: 2020 Season Preview
Show Details43min 47s
EPISODE 21: Fantasy Draft and Season Picks
Show Details1hr 53min
Show Details44min 14s
EPISODE19 Baseball America's Carlos Collazo
Show Details41min 36s
EPISODE 18 Post Draft Coverage
Show Details30min 1s
EPISODE17 Interview with Tony Schiavone
Show Details36min 12s
Episode 16 - NOT SO FAST
Show Details38min 20s
Episode15 with CHASE d'ARNAUD
Show Details46min 21s
Show Details48min 2s
TomahawkTake Episode 13 - Remaing Position Battles and the Shutdown Therapy Session
Show Details49min 52s
Episode 12: Spring progress, Freddie's elbow, Revenues, and... back to 3rd base??
Show Details49min 45s
Episode 11: The 2020 Spring Training Preview
Show Details42min 29s
Episode 10: Hamels is hurt, PECOTA is punative, and Rules are Reality
Show Details47min 34s
EP9: On Cheating, McCann, Rotation, Bullpen and more
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode8: Spring RoboUmps, Anthopoulos Comments, Felix/Ozuna, The Big Trade to Come?
Show Details1hr 2min
Special Edition: Interview with Fangraphs' Dan Szymborski
Show Details38min 29s
Reaction: Josh Donaldson signs... with the Twins
Show Details30min 48s
TomahawkTake's Top 30 Braves Prospects for early 2020
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 5: Still Waiting on Josh
Show Details37min 44s
What Will Donaldson Do?
Show Details26min
Winter Meetings recap, Josh Donaldson market
Show Details47min 6s
On Culberson, Cole Hamels, and our Winter Meetings Preview
Show Details32min 40s
Offseason outlook after a flurry of early acquisitions
Show Details49min 47s