Hey Tomodachi (friend)! Welcome to our podcast hosted by K1 Champion Nicholas Pettas. Join us to listen in on our deep, personal conversations with some of the most interesting local celebrity's and guests both native and foreign living here in Japan.


Meeting an LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur | TOKYO TALKS #10 TIFFANY ROSSDALE
Show Details1hr 16min
Cutting Cryptocurrency with a Plasma Expert | TOKYO TALKS #09 - NOLAN JAMES
Show Details1hr 25min
Being a 9/11 Pentagon First Responder Firefighter Paramedic | TOKYO TALKS #08 - CARLO PACILEO
Show Details1hr 28min
Teaching Japanese People English on TV | TOKYO TALKS #07 - THANE CAMUS
Show Details1hr 14min
The Voice of Japanese TV CM's | TOKYO TALKS #06 - STUARTO
Show Details1hr 27min
Being a Half Black Half Korean Celebrity in Japan | TOKYO TALKS #05 - CRYSTAL KAY
Show Details1hr 21min
Meeting a Foreign Sumo Legend in Japan | TOKYO TALKS #03 - KONISHIKI YASOKICHI
Show Details1hr 7min
Helping Japan Recover from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami | TOKYO TALKS #02 - ANGELA ORTIZ
Show Details1hr 1min
Fitness Industry Myths v Facts | TOKYO TALKS #01 - JC
Show Details1hr 4min