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Tog and Log Podcast

Tog & Log Podcast will be an extension of a blog to educate the audience about being aware of our step-to-step process of creating and delivering our work. The goal is to inspire artists/creatives to include notes of their processes, from initial steps of writing, planning, organizing, and executing their ideas and to record their process, so in the end, they can review, analyze, and share the process to see if their steps led them to their final results.

This podcast will primarily focus mainly on analog photography as the medium of choice, but will further discuss the personal experience and technically of gear and other processes to enhance the information based on the medium to capture the personal essence of the creator himself, Dominic.

Along the photographic journey of being a creative and photographer, there's a lot of unknown processes and uncertainty that people typically ask and this podcast will share some of those processes with the audience.


An Old Beater Beats a Bare Hand - Fuji Tiaria Point & Shoot Thoughts & Review
Show Details25min 49s
For the Love of Kodak...Why!?
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Getting Your Feet Wet With Film Photography
Show Details44min 58s
Introducing Tog & Log Podcast
Show Details4min 11s