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TobiTalks- A Nursing Career Guide For Millennials

Tobi Talks offers engaging dialogues for nurses and aspiring nurses who are looking for advice, in-depth nursing career reviews and encouragement on being a bold millennial in the vast changing world of health care.


From Bedside to Certified Nurse Midwife, Krystal Brown is the Nurse for Women
Show Details57min 17s
The 10 Year Tenacious Journey to Becoming a Nurse
Show Details57min 2s
The Year of The Nurse Continues: A Conversation with Tobi Tajomavwo
Show Details30min 18s
Heart of a Nurse Mind of an Innovator - Meet Cara Lunsford CEO and Founder of Holliblu
Show Details59min 20s
Let's talk about going from Bedside to Case Management with Deanna Cooper Gillingham
Show Details45min 19s
From Bedside to Nurse Executive, Dr. Bonnie Clipper is driving Innovation
Show Details59min 36s
What They Don't Tell You about Transitioning Careers in Nursing
Show Details48min 52s
Anesthesia and Anecdotes presented by Ohanu and Allen foundation
Show Details27min 8s
Amplifying the voices of patients in the Healthcare Sector
Show Details51min 14s
Bringing the conversation of Diversity to Nursing with Nurse Georgie
Show Details1hr 5min
A Conversation with President Barack Obama at the 15th Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference
Show Details1hr 3min
From Critical Care Nurse to policy change advocate, Katie Vigos is empowering the image of birth
Show Details58min 55s
Let's talk about a Real Nurse of Bravo! Tanya Sam talks Nursing, Business & Tech startup
Show Details47min 11s
Let's talk about a Real Nurse of Bravo! Cary Deuber shares the spotlight on becoming a CRNFA
Show Details35min 49s
From House Calls to Children's books - Dr. Scharmaine Lawson is Transforming Healthcare
Show Details1hr 19min
Doctor of Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner
Show Details49min 35s
From Bedside to Complex Care Nurse
Show Details54min 7s
From Bedside to Quality Improvement Nurse
Show Details41min 46s
From Pop Singer to Doctor of Nursing Practice
Show Details37min 24s
Because...Nursing is the Heart & Soul of Community Health
Show Details57min 18s
When your nursing career gets tough, Duke It Up!
Show Details1hr 10min
When Nursing and Forensic Science meet 2 SANE Nurses!
Show Details55min 23s
From Bedside to Director of Nursing
Show Details57min 47s
From Bedside to Lung Transplant Coordinator
Show Details37min 47s
The scope behind becoming an Endoscopy Nurse
Show Details35min 29s
Nurses Support Their Young Campaign
Show Details27min 18s
From Bedside to Nursing Informatics Let's talk Health IT
Show Details47min 6s
Show Details59min 24s
Conference & Networking Edition - Nurse CEO Success Summit Tech Hacker
Show Details17min 49s
Let's talk about saving lives in the air! Flight Nurse 101
Show Details40min 6s
From RN to Medical Doctor
Show Details52min 16s
Don't sleep on the path to becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
Show Details47min 29s
How I passed the NCLEX in 3 weeks!
Show Details20min 20s
How to Choose Nursing after failing the NCLEX
Show Details49min 58s
Summer Edition: Finesse, Network & Nursing
Show Details51min 49s
Summer Edition: Pathways to Nursing
Show Details1hr 1min
How to succeed from FAILING in Nursing School
Show Details25min 44s
The VERY truth about going from LPN to Registered Nurse
Show Details42min 52s
From Pre-Med to Clinical Nurse Instructor
Show Details1hr 6min
Certified Nurse Assistant ...Because every Nurse Superhero needs a Bad Ass sidekick!
Show Details45min 37s
From Bedside RN to Nurse Manager
Show Details44min 49s
When the Glo Up gets REAL! From Nursing school reviews to Bedside RN
Show Details39min 37s
From Bedside RN to CEO of Black Girl Blue Scrubs
Show Details36min 32s
From Bedside RN to Clinical Account Executive RN
Show Details35min 21s
You Failed Out of Nursing School, Now What?
Show Details29min 13s
Becoming A Nurse, Are you bout dat life?
Show Details18min 30s
A Nursing Career Guide For Millennials
Show Details10min 51s