TMLP: The "Maaan, Listen!" Podcast

The podcast where we talk about everything except for your mama. Hosts Jon Winfree & Jason Dante talk about relevant topics with a mixture of seriousness and hilarity!


Holidays, Facts, and Rather
Show Details1hr 2min
Prophets, Attention, and Ancestors
Show Details54min 38s
Entitlement, The Friend Zone, and BFFs
Show Details56min 58s
Hard Conversations, Toxicity, and Cutoff
Show Details1hr 4min
Cancel, Conversation, and Cramps
Show Details1hr
Politics, Parties, and Evangelicals
Show Details1hr 9min
Purpose, Decisions, and Discovery Ft. Special Guest Andy Dooley
Show Details1hr 14min
News, Purpose, and Responsibility
Show Details1hr 2min
Excellence, Panther, WAP
Show Details1hr 8min
LIVE EPISODE: Feedback, Reactions, and Rona!
Show Details58min 36s
Cash, Discipline, and Wealth Ft. Special Guest Jackie Lee
Show Details55min 34s
Social Media, Eras, and Comparisons
Show Details57min 58s
HIstory, BLM, and Patriotism
Show Details1hr 7min
Love, Relationships, and Stereotypes
Show Details1hr 8min
Game, Legacies, and Grammy's
Show Details1hr 7min
Intros, Icons, and Sunday Service
Show Details47min 29s