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Tiny Ambitions: In Search of the Tiny Life

Join Britt, a minimalist, ginger cat enthusiast and person who doesn't understand why people do the things that they do most of the time, as she hosts Tiny Ambitions. What is Tiny Ambitions all about? Tiny Ambitions is about recognizing that the life you're living is enough. It's not about letting people or corporation make you feel like you need more to make your life worthwhile. Above all else, Tiny Ambitions is about the search for the tiny life. I don't know if I'll ever find it, but I hope you'll join me in the journey. Show Notes: tinyambitions.substack.com. Keep Tiny Ambitions ad-free: contribute.to/tinyambitions


61: The Only Goal I Have for 2022
Show Details5min 19s
60: You Don't Need Another Holiday Gift Guide
Show Details4min 3s
59: Thank You
Show Details2min 19s
58: I Forgot Minimalism Existed
Show Details6min 3s
57: Selling a House During a Pandemic
Show Details8min 59s
56: The Sick Leave I Didn't Know I Needed
Show Details8min 59s
55: Diving Back In
Show Details2min 20s
54: Coming to Terms With Your Stuff
Show Details7min 39s
53: Make Sure Your Minimalism Means Something
Show Details4min 31s
52: Now is the Time to Use what You Have
Show Details5min 34s
51: The Tiny Ambitions Podcast - In Search of the Tiny Life
Show Details2min 55s
Tiny Ambitions Trailer: In Search of the Tiny Life
Show Details1min 8s
50: All The Ways We Are Bad Minimalists + An Exciting Announcement
Show Details34min 46s
49: Mindful Travel with Cait Flanders
Show Details39min 25s
48: Intentional Relationships with Cait Flanders
Show Details46min 3s
47: Answering Your Questions About Minimalism
Show Details10min 31s
46: Progressive Minimalism with Jennifer Taylor Chan
Show Details59min 26s
45: Decluttering Takes A Community with She Picks Up Pennies
Show Details47min 24s
44: Sustainable Self-Care with Michelle Summerfield
Show Details51min 48s
43: Sparking Joy Isn't About Minimalism. Or Is It?
Show Details7min 18s
42: Spring Cleaning - Mental Health, the Shopping Ban & Home Ownership
Show Details4min 34s
41: Be Kind This Holiday Season
Show Details1min 50s
40: Minimalist Gift Giving
Show Details10min 5s
39: Does a Mindful Black Friday Exist?
Show Details9min 1s
38: Falling into a Fall Funk (and why it's maybe not a bad thing)
Show Details8min 1s
37: What To Do When You Hit A Decluttering Roadblock
Show Details10min 33s
36: Happy International Podcast Day!
Show Details9min 23s
35: Practising Slow Living Through Fermentation
Show Details8min 9s
34: Magic Happened When I Left My Phone at Home for a Day
Show Details9min 15s
33: Meditating in Virtual Reality
Show Details10min 58s
32: Your Life, in Boxes (Season 1 Finale)
Show Details4min 12s
31: Shopping Q & A
Show Details6min 47s
30: Creativity and Minimalism
Show Details4min 37s
29: Five-Month Shopping Ban Update
Show Details6min 24s
28: Not Everything You Own Needs to Be Practical
Show Details3min 45s
27: My Current Gratitude List
Show Details5min 3s
26: Purging vs. Reusing Plastics
Show Details4min 59s
25: Paying Off My Sleep Debt
Show Details5min 34s
24: TTFTW (Ta Ta For Two Weeks)
Show Details2min 48s
23: Put Your Phone Down
Show Details11min 24s
22: #WomenRockMoney and International Women's Day 2018
Show Details5min 19s
21: Simplifying My Morning Routine
Show Details4min 32s
20: On Being Alone
Show Details6min 42s
19: Minimalist Relationships
Show Details4min 46s
18: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Show Details3min 33s
17: Social Shaming
Show Details6min 8s
16: What I Spent On Clothes LY
Show Details4min 48s
15 Goals vs. Resolutions
Show Details5min 9s
14 My Tiny Year In Review
Show Details6min 30s
13 The Act of Saying ‘No’
Show Details4min 42s
12 Socializing & Consumption
Show Details4min 57s
11 The ‘Buy Quality’ Debate
Show Details1min 2s
10 Gratitude & Turkey
Show Details4min 49s
09 Housekeeping & Soul Searching
Show Details6min 30s
08 Meaningful Social Media
Show Details3min 47s
07 Gord Downie + Letting Go
Show Details3min 8s
Bonus: What are you most afraid of?
Show Details1min
06 Imposing Minimalism on Others
Show Details5min 25s
Bonus: Call for Listener Questions!
Show Details1min 19s
05 Against ‘Minimalist’ Design
Show Details6min 26s
04 Aligning Your $$ & Goals
Show Details4min 6s
03 Social Media & Gamification
Show Details5min 45s
02 Dealing with Book Clutter
Show Details5min 11s
01 Minimal Living in Any Space
Show Details5min 19s
Tiny Ambitions on Anchor!
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