EPISODE 36: The Sovereigns, Part 2: The Long Con, with JD Cooke and Dave.

1h 2m | May 31, 2024

In this episode of Tinfoil Tales, JD Cooke explains his research into the GuriNgai tribal group on the northern beaches of Sydney that claims native indigenous heritage, leaning on a story created 21 years ago about a family descendant from the famous Aboriginal Bungaree.

Dave joins us to explain how the GuriNgai group intersects with the Freedom Movement on the Central Coast, including MyPlace and A1.

Apparently, all is not as it seems, and JD reveals all of it on his podcast:

 Guringai, GuriNgai, Wannangini, Walkaloa: A long con, gone on too long. • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters

JD's research is backed up by this report: Filling a Void: history of word 'Guringai' - Aboriginal Heritage Office

If you want to go down the rabbit hole, you can find more of his evidence and research at: Truth-telling from a neurodiverse perspective. – 100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated: Truth-telling from a neurodiverse perspective (

JD also has TikTok!

SOS and Sandee are not making any claims on this issue, as we are not Aboriginal, lack the lived experience and full understanding of the Aboriginal culture, and do not want to overstep. However, we feel it is important to give JD a voice on this matter, to tell his story, and to explain to us all how this affects Aboriginal people. We found this story fascinating! This is a must-listen.

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