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Timeless Traveller

This podcast is for all the dreamers out there. Do you dream about travelling full time? Do you want to start a blog, a podcast, write a book or simply step outside of your comfort zone and change your life? So do I!

My name is Pati. I am a solo female traveller past my 20's. I travel on a budget while working on growing my blog and character.

You will hear stories from the road of how I reinvent myself while travelling full time, how I deal with being a solo female backpacker and how I decided to change my life. So if this is something that interests you, join me on my journey!

Go to www.patisjourneywithin.com to read more on my blog!


Why I will not invite Tim Ferris to my show
Show Details18min 14s
Episode #2 - How I Packed and Prepared For Long Term Travel
Show Details22min 42s
Episode #1 - How it all started? I decided to start full time travel in 2020!
Show Details23min 10s
Episode #0 - Welcome to Timeless Traveller Podcast
Show Details7min 28s