• Your guide to developing a daily mindfulness routine with Educator, Julie Middleton, PHD

    In this episode, we discuss why both Leigh Mitchell and Julie Middleton have mindfulness routines and why and how you can too.

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    14m | Jun 26, 2023
  • Empowering Women: Mastering the Art of Negotiating Equal Pay

    Achieving equal pay for equal work is a critical goal for women in the modern workforce. However, the gender pay gap persists, and women need to equip themselves with the tools and strategies to negotiate fair and equitable compensation. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of negotiating equal pay, discuss common challenges women face, and provide actionable tips to help women advocate for their worth and bridge the pay gap.


    Equal pay is not just a matter of financial fairness but a fundamental step towards achieving gender equality in the workplace. By negotiating equal pay, women secure their financial well-being and contribute to closing the gender pay gap on a broader scale. It’s a powerful act of self-advocacy that challenges the status quo and sets the stage for future generations of women.


    1. Fear of Backlash: Many women worry that negotiating for equal pay will have negative consequences or damage their professional relationships. Overcoming this fear requires a shift in mindset. Remember that negotiating for fair compensation is reasonable and a professional expectation. You can mitigate potential backlash by confidently approaching the negotiation process and emphasizing the value you bring.
    2. Lack of Information: Without sufficient knowledge about industry standards and salary ranges, women may struggle to determine their true worth. Researching salary data and talking to professionals in similar positions can provide valuable insights to help you establish a fair and reasonable salary expectation.
    3. Underestimating Personal Value: Women often downplay their accomplishments and undervalue their contributions to the organization. Recognize your unique skills, expertise, and the impact you have made. Quantify your achievements whenever possible, as it strengthens your case during negotiations.


    1. Prepare Thoroughly: Research is crucial. Understand the salary range for your position and industry, and gather evidence of your accomplishments and contributions. This knowledge will bolster your confidence during negotiations.
    2. Articulate Your Value: Communicate your strengths, skills, and accomplishments that have positively impacted the organization. Emphasize your unique value and how it aligns with the organization’s goals and objectives.
    3. Practice Assertiveness and Confidence: Approach the negotiation with a confident yet collaborative mindset. Use assertive and clear language, and maintain professional composure throughout the process. Stay focused on achieving fair compensation rather than making it a personal confrontation.
    4. Consider Alternative Benefits: If the organization cannot meet your desired salary, explore other aspects of your compensation package that can contribute to your overall satisfaction. This could include additional vacation time, flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, or future advancement prospects.
    5. Leverage Networks and Mentors: Seek guidance from mentors or professionals who successfully navigate salary negotiations. Their insights and support can provide invaluable advice, boost your confidence, and help refine your negotiation strategy.


    Negotiating equal pay is vital to achieving gender equality and closing the pay gap. By empowering themselves with knowledge, adopting a confident mindset, and leveraging effective negotiation strategies, women can advocate for their worth and make significant strides in their professional lives. Remember, your ability to negotiate fair compensation benefits you personally and contributes to a more equitable future for all women in the workplace.

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    6m | Jun 13, 2023
  • Celebrated turning 50 with a "self"cation retreat and why you need one to turn your life around

    This week on the podcast Leigh Mitchell describes how she took a "self"cation and explores the benefits of it and being more mindful and present in our life.

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    22m | Jun 2, 2023
  • Walking for Connection: How my walks improved my relationship with myself and my husband Rob Mitchell

    On this episode of Wisdom Walks, my husband, Rob Mitchell, and I talk about why we started walking and how it has helped the relationship we have with each other and ourselves - plus a dive into how your instincts can save your life - after a scary wildlife encounter with a massive coyote on the trail.

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    16m | May 15, 2023
  • It's okay to not be okay: Recovery and acceptance with Carol Schulte

    On this episode of the Wisdom Walks Podcast, I walk and talk with Carol Schulte in High Park during Cherry Blossom season and have a frank discussion on mental breakdowns to breakthroughs.

    Carol explains many important elements in recovery, mental health challenges and how to find yourself again.

    About Carol Schulte

    Founder of The Brave Initiative, and mental health advocate, Carol has been educating and empowering audiences internationally - including Fortune 500 companies, International Associations, and individual leaders - to get their brave on - for almost a decade. She is passionate about empowering workplaces to engage in braver conversations, create braver cultures, and take braver steps of action.

    Being diagnosed with a serious mental health illness later in life, she has learned the hard way the importance of prioritizing wellness, and what it really means to be brave. She is the creator of Brave Beyond Diagnosis - a community dedicated to women living with a mental illness, and The Brave Healing Journal - A guided journey to find your brave and empower your life - one day at a time, to be released on June 4.

    She believes wholeheartedly the bravest thing you can do, is to be brave enough to be you.

    Having lived in 16 countries, including Ashrams in India and vans in New Zealand, shaved her head for breast cancer, and bungee jumped in her birthday suit, Carol walks her talk and brings a global perspective to all she does. Multi-passionate, she’s also a volunteer counsellor, a beginner guitar player, and serious carpool karaoke-er!

    Brave Healing Journal

    Introducing 'The Brave Healing Journal'... inspired being by Mental Health Awareness Month, it's finally time to launch!

    In this journal I not only share my story (from flying high in fancy jets to sporting scrubs in the psych unit), but also the tools that literally saved my life. Inside these pages you'll find powerful ideas, practical tools, daily prompts, affirmations and inspirations, as well as small action challenges designed to help you find your brave and empower your journey. It creates a safe space to explore your own thoughts and feelings, cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion, and the confidence to see what's possible, from wherever you are.

    We are all healing from something.

    You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

    And you’re not alone.

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    15m | May 8, 2023
  • Master your mindset to find fulfillment in your career with Blake Schofield

    Welcome to the Wisdom Walks Podcast, our guest this week is The Bridge to Fulfillment Founder Blake Schofield. We had a truly insightful conversation on Blake’s journey from successful retail director to career coach helping women transition from unfulfilling careers by creating a bridge to fulfillment® on their terms. Blake and I discuss what it takes to change our career mindset so that you can find work that is filled with purpose, fulfillment, and even financial success. Yes, you can have it all you just have to start by asking for help. 

    About Our Guest (In her Words):

    My name is Blake. I'm a mom of three kids who spent 18 years in Corporate America building, growing and turning around 8 and 9 figure businesses, including a $600 million dollar business at Target corporation & building a business from scratch at Stitch Fix that launched with over 75,000 women on a wait list. 

    Despite enjoying parts of my career & having a lot of success, I would find myself going through cycles of feeling energized followed by feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

    I seemed to be constantly searching for how I could do fulfilling work while having time for a more fulfilling, less stressful life. As the years progressed and I had kids, I felt myself getting more frustrated and exhausted with the constant demands of my job & the amount of work I had to do that either didn't line up with my values or wasn't work I loved. 

    I came to realize that the career I was in no longer fit. Despite that, I sat in my job for years knowing that I should be doing something else, something "MORE" but I just didn't know what it was or how to make it happen without taking a big risk.

    I felt overwhelmed, drained & stuck — I began to feel like I didn't have control over my life. Work was bleeding into every part of my life.

    As the breadwinner, I felt responsible for making sure whatever decision I made would be right for my family...and I felt guilty that I wasn't happy in a career that everyone else thought was the epitome of success.

    At the time, I believed that I could figure it out on my own & that the only way was by sacrificing the lifestyle I had worked so hard to achieve. What I came to learn and realize is that I was missing the CLARITY & PLAN to feel like I could move forward with my life, I didn't understand my secret sauce transferable skills or how to align my strengths, skills, & passions to do work that ultimately would allow me to have everything I wanted. 

    My 20-year personal journey through three career changes, multiple cross-country moves, years of going through the cycle of searching LinkedIn & job boards trying to find the next path for my life is the basis for the work we do every day.

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    1h 38m | Nov 10, 2021
  • Tackling business barriers with mentors & planning with Natasha Mitchell

    Welcome to our latest episode of the Wisdom Walks Podcast Advancing your business by tackling barriers with mentorship and smart planning

    Natasha Mitchell of Inspire and Drive joins Leigh Mitchell to speak about the importance of enhancing your skillset to meet the needs of the market, the significance of mentorship, maintaining relationships, and knowing when to take a break (yes we all need them). 

    Natasha is the owner of Inspire and Drive, a consulting and coaching company for the creative industry. With more than 25 years of experience, she has joined the Women in Biz Network to mentor, sharing her knowledge and expertise. 

    We chat about discovering how to get the fundamental components of a business or campaign launch down. Natasha explains that it doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, just well thought out. 

    Leigh and Natasha also discuss mentorship, and how having a safe space with 1-on-1 mentoring can be so beneficial not just to get feedback on your ideas, but so you are 100% honest with yourself and know you’ll always have a safe landing.

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    41m | Sep 27, 2021
  • How to fix your small business with mentorship with Elaine Slatter

    In this episode of the Wisdom Walks Podcast, Elaine Slatter, an author, mentor, and the founder of XL Consulting Group, speaks about the value of mentoring, how it advanced her career, and the steps YOU should take to maximize the benefits of your mentoring, and accelerate your success.

    After working in the corporate world and being mentored for over 30 years, Elaine shifted her focus onto creating her consulting company as a means to give back to the community of female entrepreneurs. While being mentored in her corporate role, Elaine noticed not only the benefits of having a mentor as a sounding board, but also someone to vouch for her, opening doors to new roles. 

    Now, she has experience mentoring female entrepreneurs through Futurentreprenur, and the Women in Biz Network. As a seasoned business professional, she continues to guide young or inexperienced female entrepreneurs into really understanding the structure of a business. 

    Leigh and Elaine discuss the difference between outsourcing (for a more formulated program) VS. finding a mentor (to guide you not just through your business challenges and successes, but your personal ones too!)

    Everyone has different skills and experience that they bring to the table; find a mentor that fits your style, and clearly understands the gaps that you need help filling. 

    Throughout this episode, Leigh and Elaine reveal the importance of how being prepared to be mentored enables you to really take advantage of all the help your mentor can offer. Let your mentor know where you need guidance: THINK ABOUT IT! 

    While currently enduring yet another lockdown, Leigh and Elaine analyzed the difficulties and the amount of ever-changing tasks that lockdown sprung upon women. They discuss entrepreneurial depression, and time-giving approaches to help make your tasks more enjoyable.

    The strategies you will learn in this episode will help you maximize your time, and build strong, long-lasting mentee/mentor relationships that will accelerate your career and business.

    More About Elaine Slatter

    Never one to take the easy path, Elaine Slatter left the UK at 19 to pursue adventure in Canada. Not satisfied with staying in the admin pool and with a burning desire for a career, she started taking university courses on a part-time basis while at the same time raising two children.

    A graduate of McMaster University in Hamilton and Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, Elaine has an extensive corporate resume spanning over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing, retail and distribution sectors. This experience includes product launches, branding, trade show execution, IT projects, website development, e-commerce websites, international customer service set up and bonded warehouse experience. Elaine was CEO of the Canadian operations for a US manufacturer. In this capacity, she was responsible for sales, finance, customer service, marketing, warehousing operations and the bottom line.

    In 2012 Elaine founded XL Consulting Group and author of the popular book, “Fabulous Fempreneurship”, a complete business guide for women. XL Consulting Group helps entrepreneurs with market planning, strategy, branding, web design and social media. She has over 30 years of executive business and marketing experience and is ready to help you rocket your business to success. Elaine is passionate about mentoring women to become successful women entrepreneurs. Elaine is also co-founder of Independent Women in Leadership, a Burlington, Ontario based community offering education, collaboration and networking for business professionals and entrepreneurs.


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    41m | Jun 7, 2021
  • How to create more impact in your business life with Jill Valentine

    In this episode of the Wisdom Walks Podcast Jill Valentine, founder of UGO Impact and Leigh Mitchell, Founder of Women in Biz Network discuss the power of living your values and finding your purpose in your profession. Most importantly we discuss how you can level up with mentorship and accountability in your life to create more impact and joy in your business life. 

    Jill Valentine discusses the hidden secrets to success through finding mentorship and levelling up your impact and accountability as a business owner so you can reach your goals with a sense of purpose and direction.

    Jill is the co-founder of UGO Impact and founder of Dare to be a Dandelion. She is a leading Transformative Travel & Impact Coach who harnesses the innate power of travel and volunteerism to create and inspire Changemakers around the globe. Leveraging her skills as a transformation coach and extensive background in the local and global charity/non-profit arena, she’s the creator of ‘The UGO Method for Change Model’ helping current and aspiring changemakers create profound personal and global change.  A passionate humanitarian, volunteerism specialist, disability sport consultant, and world traveller, she lives by the words “Make it happen!”


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    49m | Nov 24, 2020
  • Tiger-Cat football player Orlando Bowen on game changing decision to embrace forgiveness and finding your voice as a leader

    On this episode of Wisdom Walks Podcast Social entrepreneur and former Tiger Cats player Orlando Bowen shares his powerful story on his wrongful conviction, how he got started in public speaking and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. What is so striking about Orlando is his capacity for forgiveness and using his gifts for the greater good.

    Orlando is a keynote speaker focused on equipping people to get off the sidelines and become difference-makers on their teams and in the lives of those around them. He is a highly sought after speaker and trainer who works with corporations, small businesses and non-profits. When it comes to building teams, creating momentum and employing winning strategies, Orlando is the real deal. He is also passionate about youth leadership. As a result of that passion, he founded One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization to inspire and to teach resilience, leadership and teamwork to youth.

    Empowering people to overcome adversity, find their passion and to use their gifts to serve is the reason Orlando breathes. This gift has placed Orlando on hundreds of stages, boardrooms and in presentations across North and South America and has garnered him numerous awards.

    From our interview you will learn about:

    • His wrongful incarceration story 
    • How he was drafted to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    • How he started his not for profit organization
    • Why a greater purpose can lead us to overcome our fears
    • What a positive mindset can accomplish in life and business
    • Advice to get started in public speaking
    • Adapting to working online






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    36m | Oct 16, 2020
  • Rapper, Author, Speaker and Social Entrepreneur Duane Gibson on setting a world record, publishing music, and establishing connections

    On this episode of the Wisdom Walks Podcast Leigh and Ronan Mitchell spoke with rapper, speaker and socially driven entrepreneur Duane "D.O" Gibson.

    D.O discusses his journey in business as a musician, author and a speaker in schools. We dive into the process of getting signed to a record label and getting music published to streaming services and CDs. D.O gave advice, insight and tips for fellow entrepreneurs and anyone looking to enter a field similar to his. You can find D.O on Instagram and twitter @iamdogibsonand at websites www.iamdogibson.com  www.staydriven.com www.onthisgrind.com

    More on D.O Gibson: 

    D.O. Gibson has defied the odds as a rapper from Canada, becoming a certified international artist, a successful record label executive and a socially active community ambassador.  He set a Guinness World Record when he freestyled for nearly nine hours in 2003, sold tens of thousands of CDs, hit #1 on U.S. College Hip Hop Radio charts and travelled the world performing for sold out crowds; D.O.’s success is defined in his own terms.

    In addition to extensive Canadian tour schedule, Gibson has lived up to the nickname “MrInternational” as he has toured the US, Europe and Asia.  In the summer of 2016 he headlined shows in France, the Netherlands and performed at Fresh Island Fest in Croatia alongside Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and DJ

    In between recording, Gibson founded the Stay Driven program that launched in 2001.  Stay Driven is based on D.O.’s own life experiences where he addresses relevant topics such as anti-bullying, peer pressure, and literacy. Gibson has spoke and performed at over one thousand schools reaching hundreds of thousands of students.  In 2012, he released the book Stay Driven

    Somewhere between Tupac (in terms of social consciousness), Fresh Prince (in terms of appeal with youth) and Jay-Z (in terms of business sense), stands D.O., a man who is bounded only by the hours in a day.


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    34m | Sep 16, 2020
  • Comedian Jessica Holmes on living, working and performing in the fog of depression

    Founder of Women in Biz Network Leigh Mitchell chatted with actor, writer and comedian Jessica Holmes on how depression can affect life, work and business.

    Leigh's reflections: As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety throughout my adult life I was drawn to Jessica's book: Depression: The Comedy because it was the first book that I personally read that discussed what it is like to deal with depression while being self-employed. I was acquainted with Jessica as she was a speaker for Women in Biz Network, but her latest book really goes deep into her story and ultimate recovery. Her honesty about her marriage, life as a parent and being a performer while in the throes of depression really touched me. I am so glad that Jessica has gone on to become an incredible advocate for people who are experiencing depression. Her work around reducing depression stigma can be found in her social media and her keynotes. We hope that employers and loved ones will learn from this interview what is helpful and most importantly what is harmful.

    Learn about Jessica Holmes:

    Jessica Holmes has brought the house down with her unique brand of comedy, opening for giants such as Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfeld, and Oprah Winfrey. Combining stand up, music and improvisation, she honed her skills at Just For Laughs and the world-famous Second City before moving on to television. Her Carol Burnett-style series The Holmes Show and her knack for skewering celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Celine Dion have made her a favourite with audiences across the country. Also a wellness advocate, Jessica is known for speaking candidly about her experience with depression. She mixes comedy with a validating message about life’s challenges, and has become a celebrated voice in fighting the stigma surrounding mental health issues in her keynotes. In 2018 she became an ambassador for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign and wrote the hilarious and touching memoir Depression The Comedy. A mother of 2 (and wife of 1), Jessica’s passion is finding the humour in life's imperfections, and turning embarrassments into punchlines.

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    38m | Mar 10, 2020
  • The Leadership Gap with Dolly Daskal - What gets between you & greatness

    After decades of advising and inspiring some of the most eminent chief executives in the world, Lolly Daskal has uncovered a startling pattern: within each leader are powerful abilities that are also hidden impediments to greatness. She’s witnessed many highly driven, overachieving leaders rise to prominence fueled by well-honed skill sets, only to falter when the shadow sides of the same skills emerge.

    Now Daskal reveals her proven system, which leaders at any level can apply to dramatically improve their results. It begins with identifying your distinctive leadership archetype and recognizing its shadow:

    The Rebel, driven by confidence, becomes the Imposter, plagued by self-doubt.

    The Explorer, fueled by intuition, becomes the Exploiter, master of manipulation.

    The Truth Teller, who embraces candor, becomes the Deceiver, who creates suspicion.

    The Hero, embodying courage, becomes the Bystander, an outright coward.

    The Inventor, brimming with integrity, becomes the Destroyer, who is morally corrupt.

    The Navigator, trusts and is trusted, becomes the Fixer, endlessly arrogant.

    The Knight, for whom loyalty is everything, becomes the Mercenary, who is perpetually self-serving.

    Using psychology, philosophy, and her own experience, Daskal offers a breakthrough perspective on leadership. She’ll take you inside some of the most cloistered boardrooms, let you in on deeply personal conversations with industry leaders, and introduce you to luminaries who’ve changed the world. Her insights will help you rethink everything you know to become the leader you truly want to be.

    Tell us about your business

    Lead From Within is a global leadership consultancy firm.

    What is your best advice to have a life and business based on the Thrive philosophy?

    1. Find out what matters to you.

    2. Don't compromise what is important to you.

    3. Choose greatness in every decision.

    Links referenced in the podcast:


    Connect on Twitter @lollydaskal and at http://www.lollydaskal.com and at http://www.facebook.com/lolly.daskal

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    27m | Jun 7, 2017
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