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Ticket Water Cooler – 93.7 The Ticket KNTK

Jake Bockoven and Nathan Brennan host the Ticket Water Cooler as different faces from around 93.7 The Ticket weigh in on the biggest sports stories of the day.


Jake needs to be honest with himself: October 5th, 12:45pm
Show Details8min 55s
This weekends games: October 5th, 12:25pm
Show Details7min 1s
Rutgers talk: October 5th, 12pm
Show Details8min 9s
Wisconsin lets go of Chryst, why: October 4th, 12:45pm
Show Details11min 15s
Mark Whipple and Bill Busch spoke today: October 4th, 12:25pm
Show Details10min 41s
Bock reacts to the Indiana win: October 4th, 12pm
Show Details17min 9s
Mickey Joseph and Casey Thompson on the same page: October 3rd, 12:45pm
Show Details10min 11s
Nick joins the show: October 3rd, 12:25pm
Show Details13min 1s
Nebraska Volleyball went 2-0 on their road trip: October 3rd, 12pm
Show Details19min 29s
Bock takes a trip around the CFP ticket prices: September 30th, 12:30pm
Show Details5min 56s
Bryan Munson (HuskerOnline): September 30th, 12pm
Show Details22min 53s
Northwesterns new facilities: September 29th, 12:45pm
Show Details4min 58s
Diamond in the rough Nebraska: September 29th, 12:25pm
Show Details7min 41s
Trev Alberts wants Nebraska to be a developmental school: September 29th, 12pm
Show Details17min 45s
College Football Playoff First round games: September 28th, 12:45pm
Show Details8min 16s
Famous Indiana alumni: September 28th, 12:25pm
Show Details13min 4s
College Football run around: September 28th, 12pm
Show Details20min 45s
NFL News and notes: September 27th, 12:45pm
Show Details5min 42s
Lets travel around the CFP landscape: September 27th, 12:25pm
Show Details8min 55s
Reaction to Mickey Joseph presser: September 27th, 12pm
Show Details13min 12s
Husker Depth Chart reactions: September 26th, 12:45pm
Show Details5min 20s
Bock was at the Duke-Kansas game: September 26th, 12:25pm
Show Details14min 27s
Adrian Martinez beat OU, what does that say about Nebraska: September 26th, 12pm
Show Details10min 23s
Ticket Prices around the College Football landscape: September 23rd, 12pm
Show Details9min 13s
Bryan Munson (HuskerOnline): September 23rd, 12pm
Show Details9min 1s
Trev Alberts says the Twitter rumors aren't true: September 22nd, 12:45pm
Show Details5min 50s
Why in the world did they keep Frost around another year: September 22nd, 12:25pm
Show Details10min 51s
The Sellout streak is week to week: September 22nd, 12pm
Show Details15min 18s
Looking ahead a little on the Nebraska schedule: September 21st, 12:45pm
Show Details6min 56s
Standout players on offense and defense for the Huskers through four games: September 21st, 12:25pm
Show Details12min 6s
Baseball talk: September 21st, 12pm
Show Details14min 33s
Bocks Games this Weekend: September 20th, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 30s
Changes in practices: September 20th, 12:25pm
Show Details9min 2s
Mickey Joseph Press Conference reaction: September 20th, 12pm
Show Details14min 17s
Weekend Game Ball Awards: September 19th, 12:45pm
Show Details8min 1s
What did we learn about the Mickey Joseph Huskers: September 19th, 12:25pm
Show Details9min 44s
Feelings after the Huskers loss to OU: September 19th, 12pm
Show Details9min 58s
Bocks Ticket Prices of the weekend: September 16th, 12:30pm
Show Details10min 17s
Bryan Munson (HuskerOnline): September 16th, 12pm
Show Details18min 39s
SEC teams are being told to not play OU yet: September 15th, 12:45pm
Show Details6min 27s
Learning more about OU: September 15th, 12:25pm
Show Details18min 55s
Memories of the Nebraska - OU rivalry: September 15th, 12pm
Show Details17min 50s
Famous Alumni or people associated with OU: September 14th, 12:45pm
Show Details4min 23s
Mickey as the coach now changes what: September 14th, 12:25pm
Show Details19min 19s
What does having Mickey at the helm mean: September 14th, 12pm
Show Details19min 16s
How big is this weekend: September 13th, 12:45pm
Show Details9min 28s
Defensive duties changing: September 13th, 12:25pm
Show Details4min 25s
The Takeover w/ The Captain: September 13th, 12pm
Show Details16min 7s
Chef Bob joins and discussed Heavenly Waffles: September 12th, 12:30pm
Show Details15min 29s
The Captain Takesover the Water Cooler: September 12th, 12pm
Show Details10min 58s
Lets look at the ticket prices around the college football landscape: September 9th, 12:45pm
Show Details9min 32s
Bryan Munson (HuskerOnline): September 9th, 12:25pm
Show Details15min 28s
The Captain stays and has two things he wants to discuss: September 9th, 12pm
Show Details10min 5s
NFL Starts today: September 8th, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 42s
Let's Learn more about Georgia Southern: September 8th, 12:25pm
Show Details18min 35s
Rico went to the Creighton v Nebraska Volleyball match: September 8th, 12pm
Show Details15min 4s
Lets learn more about Georgia Southern as a University: September 7th, 12:45pm
Show Details8min 49s
Playoff Expansion has us arguing: September 7th, 12:25pm
Show Details21min 22s
The Captain takes over The Water Cooler: September 7th, 12pm
Show Details14min 8s
Playoff expansion is coming, what are our thoughts: September 6th, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 23s
Bocks Top 10 stories from week 1: September 6th, 12:25pm
Show Details18min 47s
The Huskers won, lets look at the positives: September 6th, 12pm
Show Details14min 11s
Looking back on last nights College Football action: September 2nd, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 41s
Bryan Munson (HuskerOnline): September 2nd, 12:25pm
Show Details15min 2s
Talking about the Fighting Hawks of North Dakota: September 2nd, 12pm
Show Details20min 46s
Tursdays slate of College Football games: September 1st, 12:45pm
Show Details10min 10s
Urban Meyer and Nebraska: September 1st, 12:25pm
Show Details16min 43s
Nebraska Volleyball plays LMU tonight: September 1st, 12pm
Show Details17min 35s
Bock informs us of the "famous" people who have attended North Dakota: August 31st, 12:45pm
Show Details10min 5s
VJ used to sell lemonade inside Memorial Stadium: August 31st, 12:25pm
Show Details10min 37s
The Takeover with Vershan Jackson: August 31st, 12pm
Show Details23min 59s
Feelings after Week Zero last year compared to this year: August 30th, 12:45pm
Show Details10min 24s
Breaking down Frost comments: August 30th, 12:25pm
Show Details8min 56s
Press Conference thoughts: August 30th, 12pm
Show Details15min 22s
Offensive line struggles and lack of running game: August 29th, 12:45pm
Show Details6min 33s
The offense and the defense struggled in the second half: August 29th, 12:25pm
Show Details9min 43s
The Captain takeover: August 29th, 12pm
Show Details11min 4s
Keys to Game and Predictions: August 26th 12:45pm
Show Details8min 15s
Bryan Munson (On3) previews Nebraska-Northwestern & Gives a Recruiting Update: August 26th 12:25pm
Show Details20min 5s
The Captain's Takeover: August 26th @ Noon
Show Details17min 55s
NBA News: August 25th, 12:45pm
Show Details9min 3s
Bocks Tops: August 25th, 12:25pm
Show Details17min 58s
Corn Kid and Helmets: August 25th, 12pm
Show Details8min 1s
What players will our eyes be on: August 24th, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 8s
Blackshirts were handed out: August 24th, 12:25pm
Show Details15min 25s
Water Cooler Takeover by The aptain and the Blackshirt: August 24th, 12pm
Show Details22min 56s
Kevin Durant will remain with the Nets: August 23rd, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 5s
Famous Northwestern Alumni: August 23rd, 12:25pm
Show Details19min 42s
Gameday is almost upon us: August 23rd, 12pm
Show Details12min 50s
Who goes up to the box: August 22nd, 12:45pm
Show Details10min 35s
Over-Under for this years team: August 22nd, 12:25pm
Show Details14min 22s
AP All-American Teams announced: August 22nd, 12pm
Show Details16min 12s
Big Ten or SEC: August 19th, 12:45pm
Show Details11min 59s
Is depth a real thing: August 19th, 12:25pm
Show Details6min 4s
Bryan Munson (On3): August 19th, 12pm
Show Details22min 49s
Coach Sark down in Texas talking about the transfer out of the Longhorns program: August 18th, 12:45pm
Show Details5min 34s
What did we hear from the Football presser today: August 18th, 12pm
Show Details22min 4s
Rose Bowl as the ALL TIME National Championship venue: August 16th, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 35s
Names mentioned at the presser today: August 16th, 12:25pm
Show Details10min 43s
Handing out the Blackshirts in Ireland: August 16th, 12pm
Show Details21min 10s
Replacing a legend is hard: August 15th, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 15s
Myles Brennan retires from football: August 15th, 12:25pm
Show Details14min 5s
Alternate Jerseys with VJ: August 15th, 12pm
Show Details18min 49s
Stories of Running Into Husker Coaches - August 11th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 15s
Gerry Dinardo Says Maryland is the Best Team They've Seen...Concerning? - August 11th, 3:25pm
Show Details18min 28s
Tom Izzo Signs Lifetime Contract - August 11th, 3:00pm
Show Details16min 17s
Should Jameson Williams have Called Matt Stafford to Ask for Permission for His Jersey Number? - August 10th, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 29s
How Quickly will Devin Drew be Ready to Play? - August 10th, 3:25pm
Show Details8min 21s
Scott Frost the Cover-boy for the Hot Seat - August 10th, 3:00pm
Show Details24min 31s
Segment 3 - August 9th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 56s
Segment 2 - August 9th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 39s
Segment 1 - August 9th, 3:00pm
Show Details27min 23s
Where are the Alternate Uniforms! - August 8th, 3:45pm
Show Details10min 22s
Can College Gameday Replace Lee Corso with Pat Macafee - August 8th, 3:25pm
Show Details8min 40s
SMU is Back and Setting a Standard for NIL - August 8th, 3:00pm
Show Details28min 3s
Urban Meyer and Rick Pitino: August 5th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 45s
Nate and Bock argue Wisonsin and Iowa again: August 5th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 13s
Could Nebraska get a pro sports team: August 5th, 3pm
Show Details24min 6s
Nebraska FPI Projection Part 2: August 4th, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 40s
Nebraska FPI Predicition Part 1: August 4th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 57s
Special Teams heading in the right direction: August 4th, 3pm
Show Details24min 32s
Toughest matchups for Nebraska football: August 3rd, 3:45pm
Show Details4min 23s
Take Jump Around Back: August 3rd, 3:25pm
Show Details17min 27s
Nate still battling the DMV: August 3rd, 3pm
Show Details23min 34s
Strick Joins The Ticket Water Cooler - August 2nd, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 19s
Bryan Munson (On3) - August 2nd, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 35s
Cubs Trades & The Greatness of Steve Kerr - August 2nd, 3:00pm
Show Details25min 59s
Mickey Talking Expectations "They gotta figure it out" - August 1st, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 50s
Does Omar Finally Take Over? - August 1st, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 22s
Monday Morning Practice Takeaways - August 1st, 3:00pm
Show Details25min 25s
BP with DP: July 29th, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 30s
Nate is still worried about Rutgers: July 29th, 3:25pm
Show Details8min 36s
Huskers back on the field: July 29th, 3pm
Show Details27min 56s
Does Bryce Young repeat as Hiesman - July 28th, 3:45pm
Show Details10min
Strick is back! - July 28th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 55s
Is Week 0 a must win - July 28th, 3:00pm
Show Details23min 32s
Scott Frost with No Opening Statement is Drawing Heat from Husker Fans Online (Pt2) - July 27th, 3:30pm
Show Details13min 49s
Scott Frost with No Opening Statemetn is Drawing Heat from Husker Fans Online... - July 27th, 3:00pm
Show Details23min 54s
Sipp and Strick Talk Big Ten Media Day Takeaways: July 26th, 3:30p
Show Details23min 15s
Strick Talks Big Ten Media Day and Scott Frost: July 26th, 3pm
Show Details22min 27s
Big Ten Team Preview - Michigan: July 22nd, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 48s
Evan Bland - Omaha World Herald: July 22nd, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 1s
Where does Casey Thompson Rank: July 22nd, 3pm
Show Details18min 37s
Top 100 Rushing Season in College Football History - July 21st, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 21s
Team Preview: Minnesota - July 21st, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 34s
Only One Winning Team in Nebraska's First Schedule - July 21st, 3:00pm
Show Details24min 36s
Top 100 Running Back Seasons: July 20th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 27s
Big Ten Team Preview - Illinois: July 20th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 12s
Nate failed his driving test: July 20th, 3pm
Show Details25min 29s
Big Ten Team Preview - Purdue: July 19th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 49s
Bryan Munson - On3: July 19th, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 21s
Nebraska Football Expectations: July 19th, 3pm
Show Details21min 50s
On the Block Preview - July 18th, 3:45pm
Show Details3min 35s
Season Preview of Rutgers - July 18th, 3:25pm
Show Details15min 46s
How much Should we Read into Casey Thompson not Going to BIG Media Days? - July 18th, 3:00pm
Show Details25min 15s
Bock's History Lessons - July 14th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 54s
Team Preview: Northwestern - July 14th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 46s
First Segment - July 14th, 3:00pm
Show Details22min 59s
Team Preview - Michigan State: July 13th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 53s
French Fries Final Four: July 13th, 3:25pm
Show Details8min 31s
Stetson Bennett and French Fries: July 13th, 3pm
Show Details27min 43s
Bocks History Lessons - July 12th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 52s
Bryan Munson (On3) - July 12th, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 27s
Markese Stepp Jumps in the Transfer Portal - July 12th, 3:00pm
Show Details20min 28s
Husker History Lessons with Bock - July 11th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 33s
Team Preview: Penn State - July 11th, 3:25pm
Show Details11min 31s
Frost Staff Continues to Recruit Well - July 11th, 3:00pm
Show Details22min 25s
1890 Nebraska Football: July 8th, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 40s
Big Ten Football Preview - Ohio State: July 8th, 3:25pm
Show Details9min 33s
Is the era of important bowl games behind us: July 8th, 3pm
Show Details28min 54s
Nebraska Football Scenarios: July 7th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 54s
What if Nebraska loses Week 0: July 7th, 3:25pm
Show Details16min 46s
Nebraska vs Northwestern in Dublin: July 7th, 3pm
Show Details20min 16s
Kansas State Ceiling: July 6th, 3:45pm
Show Details4min 21s
Adrian at Kansas State: July 6th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 46s
Baker to Panthers: July 6th, 3pm
Show Details25min 52s
PAC-12 in Shambles: July 5th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 17s
Bryan Munson - On3 Sports: July 5th, 3:25pm
Show Details17min 7s
4th of July Success: July 5th, 3pm
Show Details20min 55s
USC and UCLA to the B1G Part 3: June 30th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 22s
USC and UCLA to the B1G Part 2: June 30th, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 31s
USC and UCLA to the B1G Part 1: June 30th, 3pm
Show Details21min 49s
Elite 11 History: June 29th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 37s
Bryan Munson - On3: June 29th, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 41s
Getting Rid of Divisions: June 29th, 3pm
Show Details22min 29s
Trey Palmer Expectations: June 28th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 25s
Nebraska Offensive Line: June 28th, 3:25pm
Show Details18min 5s
Nebraska Basketball After Bryce: June 28th, 3pm
Show Details19min 25s
CWS, Ole Miss Takes it All - June 27th, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 59s
Nebraska Expectations Continued - June 27th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 41s
Noure is Suspended the Entire 2022 Season - June 27th, 3:00pm
Show Details26min 11s
BP with DP starts: June 24th, 3:45pm
Show Details11min 24s
What is the floor for Nebraska Football: June 24th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 8s
Don't follow Rico and Bocks firework advice: June 24th, 3pm
Show Details19min 48s
Segment 3 - June 23rd, 4:45pm
Show Details7min 53s
Segment 2 - June 23rd, 4:25pm
Show Details11min 36s
Segment 1 - June 23rd, 4:00pm
Show Details17min 32s
Tyreek Hill says Tua is more Accurate than Patrick Mahomes? - June 22nd, 3:45pm
Show Details2min 55s
Nebraska Expectations Continued - June 22nd, 3:25pm
Show Details15min 32s
CBS Sports has their Offical Nebraska Win Total....SIX! - June 22nd, 3:00pm
Show Details23min 3s
Segment 3 - June 21st, 3:45pm
Show Details3min 10s
Segment 2 - June 21st, 3:25pm
Show Details15min 38s
Segment 1 - June 21st, 3:00pm
Show Details26min 9s
Segment 3 - June 20th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 48s
Segment 2 - June 20th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 30s
Segment 1 - June 20th, 3:00pm
Show Details26min 24s
Vegas has Nebraska at 7.5 Wins - June 16th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min
Can Nebraska put Together an 5-0 Start? - June 16th, 3:25pm
Show Details20min 9s
NBA Finals - June 16th, 3:00pm
Show Details20min 6s
Segment 3 - June 15th, 3:45pm
Show Details4min
Segment 2 - June 15th, 3:25pm
Show Details17min 50s
Segment 1 - June 15th, 3:00pm
Show Details28min 20s
LPS to Build a $1.5M Stadium at Lincoln Northwest High School - June 9th, 3:45pm
Show Details11min 5s
Playing One Dedicated Opponent Per Year in Conference Play? - June 9th, 3:25pm
Show Details16min 15s
Should the PGA tour allow LIV Competitors to Compete in the PGA? - June 9th, 3:00pm
Show Details17min 29s
Football Win Predictions: June 8th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 50s
Bock Takes Shots: June 8th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 3s
Happy Birthday Bock: June 8th, 3pm
Show Details22min 59s
2017 Nebraska Football: June 8th, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 3s
Evan Bland - On3: June 8th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 9s
Who is to blame for football woes: June 8th, 3pm
Show Details25min 38s
2016 Nebraska Football: June 6th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 42s
Scott Frost vs Big Ten: June 6th, 3:25pm
Show Details9min 11s
Bock might be Anti-University: June 6th, 3pm
Show Details28min 39s
2015 Nebraska Football: June 3rd, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 36s
Southern School Football Dominance: June 3rd, 3:25pm
Show Details10min 22s
Nebraska recruiting despite on-field success: June 3rd, 3pm
Show Details22min 18s
2014 Nebraska Football: June 2nd, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 13s
Adrian vs Casey: June 2nd, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 28s
Nick and Nate Boxing Match: June 2nd, 3pm
Show Details25min 9s
Bock's History Lessons: 2011 - May 26th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 48s
Nebraska Football Expectations - May 26th, 3:25pm
Show Details11min 45s
Nebraska Partial Schedule Release - May 26th, 3:00pm
Show Details26min 46s
2010 Nebraska Football: May 25th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 27s
Top 5 Transfer Portal Additions: May 25th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 52s
Get Rid of Lil' Red: May 25h, 3pm
Show Details24min 57s
The Pro Bowl could be done: May 24th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 25s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: May 24th, 3:25pm
Show Details16min 29s
Huskers Hitting the Transfer Portal: May 24th, 3pm
Show Details24min 25s
The B1G West could be over: May 23rd, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 10s
Huskers Hitting the Transfer Portal: May 23rd, 3:25pm
Show Details11min 2s
Was Nebraska Baseball Hosed: May 23rd, 3pm
Show Details28min 57s
2009 Nebraska Football: May 20th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 42s
Nebraska Hammering the Transfer Portal: May 20th, 3:25pm
Show Details20min 58s
Nate is Live from Stillwater: May 20th, 3pm
Show Details16min 7s
Saban vs Jimbo: May 19th, 3pm
Show Details26min 26s
Where should Nate go in Oklahoma: May 19th, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 4s
Which team would you commit to: May 19th, 3:25pm
Show Details10min 11s
2008 Nebraska Football: May 18th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 33s
Around College Football: May 18th, 3:25pm
Show Details10min 27s
Adrian vs Casey: May 18th, 3pm
Show Details23min 59s
2007 Nebraska Football: May 17th, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 25s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: May 17th, 3:25pm
Show Details15min 40s
Nebraska Should Start 5-0: May 17th, 3pm
Show Details19min 23s
2006 Nebraska Football: May 16th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 11s
Bock's Best Games: May 16th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 43s
Walking thru Nebraska's Schedule: May 16th, 3pm
Show Details25min 58s
2005 Nebraska Football: May 13th, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 9s
Nebraska Schedule and Win Total: May 13th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 22s
Bryce McGowens Ceiling: May 13th, 3pm
Show Details23min 32s
2004 Nebraska Football: May 12th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 34s
Frost Expectations: May 12th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 19s
Nebraska Underdogs vs Oklahoma: May 12th, 3pm
Show Details23min 26s
2003 Nebraska Football: May 11th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 40s
Texas and Nebraska Struggles: May 11th, 3:25pm
Show Details16min 23s
Rico Won't Pay His Bets: May 11th, 3pm
Show Details20min 44s
Bob Still Believes: May 10th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 41s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: May 10th, 3:25pm
Show Details16min 12s
Raiola Chooses Ohio State: May 10th, 3pm
Show Details21min 53s
2002 - May 9th, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 51s
Mike Leach Says Kentucky Derby is a Good Example of Why the CFP Should be Expanded - May 9th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 24s
Nate Caught a Fish Today! Betting Favorites for Each Conference - May 9th, 3pm
Show Details23min 26s
2000 Nebraska Football: May 5th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 6s
Will Nebraska be favored against Oklahoma: May 5th, 3:25pm
Show Details9min 5s
Hatred for Texas and Miami: May 5th, 3pm
Show Details24min 41s
1999 Nebraska Football: May 4th, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 16s
Nebraska to 8 Wins: May 4th, 3:25pm
Show Details15min 7s
Dollar Tree and Ball State Football: May 4th, 3pm
Show Details16min 30s
Husker Football Moving Forward: May 3, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 34s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: May 3rd, 3:25pm
Show Details17min 44s
Baylor Scheierman chooses Creighton: May 3, 3pm
Show Details23min 58s
May 2nd, NIL world out of control? pt2 - May 2nd, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 29s
NIL world out of control? - May 2nd, 3:25pm
Show Details7min 41s
Nebraska Lands DE Ochaun Mathis out of the Portal! - May 2nd, 3:00pm
Show Details11min 26s
Money Talks!: April 29th, 3:45pm
Show Details2min 11s
More NIL Packages: April 29th, 3:25pm
Show Details10min 47s
Continuation of NIL topic: April 29th, 3pm
Show Details22min 45s
Cal State Fullerton vs Joe Flacco: April 28, 3:45pm
Show Details4min 2s
NFL Draft Needs: April 28, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 41s
Bock is back from California: April 28, 3pm
Show Details22min 44s
April 27th, 3:45pm - Segement 3
Show Details7min 36s
April 27th, 3:25pm - Segement 2
Show Details13min 26s
April 27th, 3:00pm - Segement 1
Show Details23min 42s
April 26th, 3:45pm - NBA Playoffs
Show Details6min 49s
April 26th, 3:25pm - Husker Online
Show Details13min 40s
April 26th, 3:00pm - Baylor Scheierman
Show Details21min 37s
April 25th 3:45pm-More Nebraska football talk
Show Details6min 36s
April 25th 3:25pm-Casey Rogers transfers, will Ochaun Mathis be a good pickup for Nebraska?
Show Details10min 59s
April 25th 3pm-Talking Recruits
Show Details21min 3s
1998 Nebraska Football: April 21st, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 10s
Scott Frost Expectations: April 21st, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 3s
Nebraska Football Issues: April 21st, 3pm
Show Details22min 43s
Defensive Line Struggles: April 20th, 3:45pm
Show Details11min 30s
Casey Rogers Transferring: April 20th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 11s
Deebo Wants Paid: April 20th, 3pm
Show Details19min 42s
1997 Husker Football: April 19th, 3:45pm
Show Details10min 47s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: April 19th, 3:25pm
Show Details17min 22s
Full Go Spring Game: April 19th, 3pm
Show Details19min 44s
1996 Nebraska Football: April 18th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 49s
USFL is Back: April 18th, 3:25pm
Show Details15min 27s
Husker Baseball Woes: April 18th, 3pm
Show Details20min 30s
1995 Nebraska Football: April 15th, 3:45pm
Show Details12min 35s
Best Sports Movies: April 15th, 3:25pm
Show Details7min
How good is Casey Thompson: April 15th, 3pm
Show Details23min 41s
Party like it's 1994: April 14th, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 14s
1994 Nebraska Football: April 14th. 3:25pm
Show Details13min 37s
Drinking the Kool-Aid: April 14th, 3pm
Show Details24min 50s
1993 Nebraska Football: April 13th, 3:45
Show Details9min 23s
Timberwolves Advance: April 13th, 3:25pm
Show Details10min 16s
Derek Carr and Baker Mayfield: April 13th, 3pm
Show Details21min 32s
Top 100 College Football Running Backs: April 12th, 3:45
Show Details8min 33s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: April 12th, 3:25pm
Show Details16min 1s
Wide Receiver room for Nebraska: April 12th, 3pm
Show Details7min 19s
Nathan Blew the Softball Game: April 11th, 3:45pm
Show Details4min 49s
NBA Playoffs Set: April 11th, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 15s
Spring Game Reactions: April 11th, 3pm
Show Details25min 4s
Cubs Issues: April 7th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 23s
Buy or Sell: April 7th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 38s
Best Thursday in Sports: April 7th, 3pm
Show Details26min 36s
Hardest sport to make playoffs: April 6th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 39s
Spring Game Expectations: April 6th, 3:25pm
Show Details11min 33s
Tiger is Back: April 6th, 3pm
Show Details25min 14s
50 Cent is Awesome: April 5th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 29s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: April 5th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 38s
Nebraska Spring Game: April 5th, 3pm
Show Details22min 36s
Lakers Woes Continue: April 4th, 3:45pm
Show Details11min 5s
Championships on a Monday: April 4th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 23s
National Championship Preview: April 4th, 3pm
Show Details23min 37s
Worst Husker Losses - April 1st, 3:45pm
Show Details8min
Segment 2 - April 1st, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 8s
NCAA Final Four MVPs - April 1st, 3pm
Show Details23min 8s
Hitting the Hardwood: March 31st, 5:45pm
Show Details8min 49s
Nebraska Head Softball Coach - Rhonda Revelle: March 31st, 5:25pm
Show Details13min 45s
Around the Sports World: March 31st, 5pm
Show Details18min 21s
Shootout with Nate: March 31st, 4:45pm
Show Details9min 25s
Thirsty Thursday: March 31st, 4:25pm
Show Details17min 27s
Same jerseys across all sports: March 31st, 4pm
Show Details20min 39s
SEC Super Conference: March 31st, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 52s
Scott Frost at UCF: March 31st, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 6s
College Football Playoff: March 31st, 3pm
Show Details23min 4s
Lane Kiffin and Warren Buffett are awesome: March 30th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 16s
Football Additions: March 30th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 6s
Transfer Portal and Casey Thompson: March 30th, 3pm
Show Details26min 32s
PJ Fleck Success: March 29th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 46s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: March 29th, 3:25pm
Show Details17min 45s
Nebraska Football: March 29th, 3pm
Show Details19min 16s
Best Uniforms in the B1G: March 28th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 32s
NCAA Final Four: March 28th, 3:25pm
Show Details15min 55s
NCAA Cover Athletes: March 28th, 3pm
Show Details20min 54s
Nathan stands his ground: March 25th, 3:45pm
Show Details10min 1s
The boys get heated over Michigan: March 25th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 49s
Sweet 16 Starts Tonight: March 24th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 7s
Listeners Reaction to Betts: March 24th, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 8s
Zavier Betts Reaction: March 24th, 3pm
Show Details23min 49s
Adidas or Nike: March 23rd, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 12s
Hunter Dickinson Throws Shade: March 23rd, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 32s
Tyreek Hill to Dolphins: March 23rd, 3pm
Show Details25min 29s
College Football Helmets: March 22, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 35s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online: March 22, 3:25pm
Show Details16min 23s
Huskers on Pro Day: March 22, 3pm
Show Details21min 35s
NBA Player Comparisons: March 21st, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 10s
Nebraska and NIL: March 21st, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 16s
Bryce McGowens declares for draft: March 21st, 3pm
Show Details23min 1s
Baker Mayfield Drama: March 17th, 3:45pm
Show Details8min 3s
Nebraska Coaching Changes: March 17th, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 51s
Initial Tournament Thoughts: March 17th, 3pm
Show Details24min 14s
Nathan would cut off a toe: March 16th, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 21s
Frost on Last Season: March 16th, 3:25pm
Show Details13min 44s
SEC or B1G in the Tournament: March 16th, 3pm
Show Details21min 30s
Future of Movie Theaters: March 15th, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 47s
Bryce McGowens Cieling: March 15th, 3:25pm
Show Details17min 9s
NCAA Tournament Talk: March 15th, 3pm
Show Details18min 58s
March 14th, 2022- Segment 4
Show Details6min 29s
March 14th, 2022- Segment 3
Show Details6min 29s
March 14th, 2022- Segment 2
Show Details15min 55s
March 14th, 2022- Segment 1
Show Details19min 31s
NCAA Tournament: March 4th, 3:45pm
Show Details6min 32s
College Football Playoff Flaws: March 4th, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 43s
Husker Football vs SEC: March 4th, 3:25pm
Show Details19min 3s
B1G Rivalries 1-5: March 3rd, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 40s
B1G Rivalries 6-10: March 3rd, 3:25pm
Show Details10min 56s
Most Hated Duke Players: March 3rd, 3pm
Show Details26min 39s
Will Bolt Suspension: March 2nd, 3:45pm
Show Details7min 2s
College Football Scheduling: March 2nd, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 10s
Nebrasketball Is Back: March 2nd, 3pm
Show Details26min 13s
Nebraska Football: March 1st, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 23s
Bryan Munson Spring Football: March 1st, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 6s
Husker Football Predictions: March 1st, 3pm
Show Details29min 12s
Bock Doesn't Know Corn: February 28th, 3:45
Show Details7min 13s
Spring Practice: February 28th, 3:25pm
Show Details14min 56s
Nebraska Basketball: February 28th, 3pm
Show Details25min 9s
February 25th-Segment 3
Show Details6min 36s
February 25th-Segment 2
Show Details17min 31s
February 25th-Segment 1
Show Details25min 1s
Nathan Still Heated 02-24
Show Details7min 2s
Nebraska Fans Come at Nathan 02-24
Show Details13min 28s
Nebrasketball Next Steps 02-24
Show Details23min 41s
Bock is a Baller 02-23
Show Details7min 16s
Hoiberg Next Steps 02-23
Show Details13min 53s
Nebrasketball Woes Continue 02-23
Show Details26min 35s
Nebraska Takes on Northwestern 02-22
Show Details6min 54s
Bryan Munson - Huskers Football 02-22
Show Details15min 34s
Fashion Trends and Omaha Beef 02-22
Show Details25min 34s
Nathan gets heated over Nebrasketball 02-21
Show Details5min 48s
Hoiberg coaching history 02-21
Show Details17min 31s
Best games at PBA 02-21
Show Details21min 42s
All-star Games - February 18th, 3:45pm
Show Details9min 36s
Bracketology - February 18th, 3:25pm
Show Details16min 19s
Husker Baseball and Basketball - February 18th, 3pm
Show Details20min 4s
Herm Edwards and ASU 02-17
Show Details9min 55s
Expanding the CFP 02-17
Show Details10min 18s
BIG10 TV Contract Implications 02-17
Show Details22min 58s
New coaching contracts 02-16
Show Details59min 50s
Championship Parades 02-16
Show Details15min 2s
Nate is addicted to hot takes 02-16
Show Details21min 20s
Best player to never win Heisman 02-15
Show Details8min 1s
Bryan Munson - Husker Online 02-15
Show Details59min 50s
Heated Husker Hoops Talk 02-15
Show Details25min 47s
February 14th, 3:45pm- Bowl Predictions & Husker football
Show Details6min 4s
February 14th, 3:25pm- Nebraska Basketball
Show Details14min 53s
February 14th, 3:00pm- Super Bowl thoughts
Show Details23min 46s
Lions still claiming Stafford 02-11
Show Details10min 32s
Universal DH 02-11
Show Details11min 53s
Husker Football and Super Bowl 02-11
Show Details23min 50s
NBA Trade Deadline 02-10
Show Details3min 37s
Top draft picks since 2009 02-10
Show Details16min 53s
Bock Likes Iowa 02-10
Show Details21min 59s
Buy or Sell 02-09
Show Details8min 50s
Where does Hoiberg go from here? 02-09
Show Details13min 20s
Super Bowl and Husker Hoops 02-09
Show Details20min 58s
Bryan Munson NU Recruiting 02-08
Show Details15min 56s
Super Bowl and Jimmy G 02-08
Show Details20min 37s
Huskers Basketball Talk 02-08
Show Details16min 20s
February 7th-Final Segment
Show Details10min 1s
February 7th-21 Questions for new co-host Nathan Brennan
Show Details14min 55s
February 7th-Should Nebraska retain Hoiberg?
Show Details22min
Husker New Jerseys - February 4th, 3:45pm
Show Details5min 59s
Top 10 WR at Nebraska Since 2000 - February 4th, 3:25pm
Show Details19min 6s
College Football Losing the "Care Factor" - February 4th, 3pm
Show Details20min 31s
Wrapping Up the Hour - February 3rd, 3:45pm
Show Details4min 32s
Least Favorite Rebranding Attempts in College Football - February 3rd, 3:25
Show Details15min 54s
Nick's College Gameday Stories - February 3rd, 3pm
Show Details25min 14s
Top 25 NFL Draft 2000 - February 2nd, 3:45pm
Show Details12min 15s
Rocky Russo, Lincoln Stars Head Coach - February 2nd, 3:25pm
Show Details12min 40s
National Signing Day for Nebraska - February 2nd, 3pm
Show Details23min 29s
January 31st, 3:45pm - Husker Hoops
Show Details14min 7s
January 31st, 3:25pm - Jimmy G Good?
Show Details9min 35s
January 31st, 3pm - Cheering for the Bengals
Show Details23min 7s
January 28th, 3:45pm - Herbie gets a revamp
Show Details6min 42s
January 28th, 3:25pm - Cam Jurgens, Austin Allen invited to combine
Show Details13min 58s
January 28th, 3pm - Men's Basketball loses again
Show Details25min 39s
January 27th, 3:45pm - Talent Individuals vs. Talented Teams
Show Details7min 43s
January 27th, 3:25pm - The Issue with Husker Hoops
Show Details14min 40s
January 27th, 3pm - Big Dentistry
Show Details17min 31s
January 26th, 3:45pm - Baseball as appointment TV
Show Details8min 15s
January 26th, 3:25pm - College Football in the future
Show Details7min 20s
January 26th, 3pm - College Football Playoff Expansion
Show Details30min 37s