• Thundering Herd Legends Podcast Series: Dr. Dorothy "Dot" Hicks & Linda Holmes

    On this edition of the Thundering Herd Legends Podcast Series, we open season #2 with the pioneers of women athletics at Marshall University.

    Before "Title 9" ever came into the national spotlight, Dr. Dorothy "Dot" Hicks had already began the fight for the inclusion of women sports, into college athletics at Marshall University. Dr. Dot built the foundation for women's sports, at Marshall University.

    Linda Holmes, was one of Dot Hicks student athletes. After her playing days, Linda continued to work under Dr. Dot and he passion and love for Marshall University, helped grow Marshall Athletics in to what it is today,

    A university where We Play For Championships!

    47m | Jan 10, 2023
  • Thundering Herd Legends Podcast Series: Jared Turner

    Jared Turner is father, a son, a fighter, a true Son of Marshall and a true son of America. After a great high school career, Jared brought his talents and his intensity to Marshall University.

    When his football career was over, Jared followed in his father's footsteps into law enforcement. After the 9/11 attacks and the fight against terrorism, Jared felt a calling to use his talents to help protect our country, by contracting with our US Military to serve and protect.

    After a handful of years in Iraq and less than 20 days from returning home, Jared's life changed forever with the blast from an enemy IED. Injuries resulted in Jared's life changing for ever.

    He tells about what and how things happened and how his family and his Thundering Herd brothers and sisters help him battle through the on going challenges of life.

    52m | Oct 28, 2022
  • Thundering Herd Legends Podcast Series: Jason Starkey

    Jason Starkey is truly a son of Marshall. A Barboursville, WV native. After a great career at Barboursville/Cabell-Midland High School, Jason walked on to the Thundering Herd football team and became a dominate force on the o-line and team captain. Jason went on to play in the NFL, with the Arizona Cardinals, but outside of football Jason was in a battle of his life with addiction. This is great story of comeback. It's a great story of a strong wife's love, family support and a Thundering Herd brotherhood, that helped Jason win the biggest battle.

    39m | Jun 3, 2021
  • Thundering Herd Legends Podcast: Mike Bartrum

    Mike Bartrum is true son of Marshall. The Pomeroy, Ohio native came to Marshall a quarterback and quickly transitioned to tight end. After some major injuries, Mike followed in the footsteps of other Marshall tight end greats to All Southern Conference and All-American teams. While at Marshall, he was encouraged to try long snapping. Combined with those skills he learned, his determination and hard work ethic, all led Mike, to a 13 year NFL career.

    1h 0m | Apr 29, 2021
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