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Start 'Em and Sit 'Em for Week 4
Show Details24min 9s
Could LeBron be the GOAT after this season?
Show Details17min 11s
MNF is going to be awesome!!
Show Details11min 57s
How Did The Clippers Lose to The Nuggets?!
Show Details10min 51s
We Got Football!!
Show Details26min 3s
Are The Heat Finals Contenders?
Show Details17min
Are You Ready For Some Football!
Show Details27min 9s
We Lost Anther Legend
Show Details14min 39s
Could The NBA Playoffs Be Over?
Show Details32min 25s
You Won't Believe What Happened to Stephen Strasburg
Show Details13min 14s
First Blooper Reel With Co-Host
Show Details5min 26s
Does Portland Have a chance at The Lakers?
Show Details27min 59s
Will Dam Be Enough?
Show Details17min 13s
Ja vs Zion
Show Details17min 3s
500 listener Special: First Time With a Co-Host
Show Details17min 15s
Basketball is back!!!
Show Details11min 42s
NFL Predictions
Show Details8min 45s
MLB is Back, Baseball Prediction and More
Show Details7min 12s
NBA Predictions
Show Details7min 44s
Breaking Down The Madden NFL 21 Ratings Ep-4
Show Details8min 42s
Breaking Down The Madden NFL 21 Ratings Ep-3
Show Details10min 42s
Breaking Down The Madden NFL 21 Ratings Ep-2
Show Details10min 29s
Breaking Down The Madden NFL 21 Ratings Ep-1
Show Details15min 7s
Madden 21 ratings are out.
Show Details13min 28s
Big New For Patrick Mohomes
Show Details7min 49s
What are the Expectations for Cam Newton and the Patriots?
Show Details6min 52s
Top 10 best baseball players of all time
Show Details8min 52s
100 listener special: Blooper Reel
Show Details3min 20s
Can you guess the mystery athlete?
Show Details5min 38s
Top 10 Best WRs of all time.
Show Details8min 49s
Top 10 best QBs of all time
Show Details13min 13s
What if Len Bias played in the NBA?
Show Details9min 40s
Show Details1min 36s
Special Guest Interview and more
Show Details13min 40s
Top 10 Greatest NBA Players and more
Show Details14min 34s
The Return of Luke Kuechly?
Show Details4min 2s