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Through Thick And Skin: The Podcast

Sisters by birth, bonded by Botox: a Skin Care podcast about going into business with family and our obsession with Client Experience, cutting out the BS. Hosted by Aesthetic Trainer and Brand Builder Erin Jensen, PA-C and Client Relationship Expert Megan Pattison.


Our LIVE! Podcast Recording
Show Details1hr 19min
Our 100th Episode! With a HUGE Announcement
Show Details15min 42s
Botox In The Lower Face and Neck....WHY?
Show Details33min 11s
Skincare SCAMS & SHAMS Pt. 3
Show Details48min 10s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. 10
Show Details38min
Why is Cheek Filler a Game Changer
Show Details22min 57s
Chemical Peel Review
Show Details25min 31s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. 9
Show Details35min 51s
All About Lasers with Jaqi Kenney, PA
Show Details31min 23s
Would You Rather?
Show Details29min 53s
The Girls are Back: Life Update
Show Details36min
Special Guest: Jaqi Kenney, PA & HUGE Announcement!
Show Details34min 14s
How To Tell Fear to F*** Off
Show Details28min 21s
How We Opened our 4th Location: Redlands, Ca
Show Details27min 12s
All about the Cosmelan Peel!
Show Details27min 17s
Skincare SCAMS & SHAMS Pt. 3
Show Details43min 11s
The Return of Nikko, The OG Esti
Show Details52min 16s
More Mondays! Directness + Skincare Q&A
Show Details43min 29s
How To Choose The Right Aesthetic Injector
Show Details40min 23s
More Mondays! How to Have Fun & Not Feel Shame + Skincare Q&A
Show Details25min 4s
How Can Injectables Affect Your Sex Life?
Show Details45min 19s
More Mondays! Finance + Skincare Q&A
Show Details37min 38s
Special Guest: Aesthetic Nurse Morgan
Show Details54min 20s
Now Giving your "More Monday's"! An Extra Episode Each Week!
Show Details41min 36s
Erin's Sorority Days
Show Details49min 9s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. 8
Show Details35min 57s
Special Guest: Our DAD Joe!
Show Details40min 16s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. 7
Show Details35min 26s
Everything You Need To Know About Under Eye Filler
Show Details38min 54s
The Most Commonly Asked Questions in The Treatment Room Pt. 2
Show Details36min 5s
Storytime With Megan: Vegas Edition
Show Details53min 23s
The Most Commonly Asked Questions in The Treatment Room Pt. 1
Show Details27min 58s
What is Lip Filler Migration and How To Avoid It
Show Details34min 54s
Bridal Skincare Prep
Show Details39min 10s
Facial Masculinization & Feminization Using Injectables
Show Details27min 42s
Special Guest: Pilot and Megan's Twin Brother, Michael!
Show Details54min 42s
Recommended Products for Oily & Greasy skin types!
Show Details32min 25s
Special Guests Dr. Jake Sloane and David Segal from the Australian Podcast Inside Aesthetics
Show Details1hr 11min
How To Live Your Most Efficient Life
Show Details47min 36s
Skincare SCAMS & SHAMS Pt. 2
Show Details35min 42s
Menopausal Skin Care
Show Details35min 1s
The Experience in Mexico that Changed our View on Client Experience Forever
Show Details42min 48s
TECH NECK & How To Treat It!
Show Details31min 45s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. ‪6
Show Details36min 38s
Megan's Birthday!
Show Details40min 26s
Special Guest Kaylan Dias, Therapist & Mind Set Coach
Show Details54min 53s
Why you shouldn't be afraid to use a Retinol
Show Details33min 50s
What to Expect During your Injectable Appointment
Show Details38min 50s
Skincare SCAMS and SHAMS
Show Details36min 30s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. 5
Show Details39min 11s
Is Hyaluronic Acid Serum Really Worth the Hype?
Show Details30min 47s
Special Guest & Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jay Calvert
Show Details54min 9s
How to Survive a Relationship Breakup
Show Details28min 6s
Do you know what today is? IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY
Show Details24min 40s
What is it like to be a Viral Tik Tok Star?
Show Details42min 32s
The Most Effective Way To Treat DRY Skin
Show Details31min 43s
Pre-Teen Skin Care
Show Details20min 10s
Erin's Birthday!
Show Details44min 41s
Special Guest our Mama Deb!
Show Details50min 59s
How to Give the Gift that Everyone Wants!
Show Details28min
Special Guest Nicky Monet
Show Details1hr 3min
Gratitude is The Attitude
Show Details29min 41s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. 4
Show Details46min 5s
That One Time Megan got Hit by a Car
Show Details27min 23s
Debunking Skin Myths
Show Details30min 23s
Q&A No Holds Barred Pt. 3
Show Details57min 34s
All About Fillers!
Show Details46min 56s
The GLOW Obsession and How to Achieve It
Show Details24min 18s
No Holds Barred Review of Korean Body Scrubs at Pellequr in Beverly Hills
Show Details33min 42s
Are Moisturizers Even Necessary?
Show Details29min 15s
Erin's Journey to becoming an Aesthetic PA
Show Details53min 52s
The Most Customized Skin Serum in the WORLD
Show Details28min 5s
Special Guest Electrologist Stephanie Rubi
Show Details45min 18s
Why are Antioxidants important for my skin?
Show Details31min 54s
Booty Breakouts and Bacne
Show Details44min 2s
Storytime With Megan: Moving to Mexico
Show Details31min 35s
Special Guest Model/Motivational Speaker Germaine Nichols
Show Details1hr 5min
How E-commerce Can Help Your Business Survive
Show Details36min 17s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. 2
Show Details49min 32s
No Holds Barred Q&A Pt. 1
Show Details49min 13s
Will Shutting Down Personal Services Really Slow Down COVID-19?
Show Details27min 53s
How To Boost Self-Confidence
Show Details58min 51s
How To Break Up With A Client
Show Details35min 52s
The Secret to Amazing Client Experience
Show Details49min 23s
Special Guest Vanessa Lee, RN and Founder of The Things We Do
Show Details1hr 3min
Influencers-The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Show Details52min 8s
Teen Skin Care
Show Details42min 15s
What Will Biz look like post-COVID?
Show Details35min 13s
All About SPF!
Show Details40min 1s
Ballin' On a Skincare Budget
Show Details42min 21s
How We Pivoted Our Business During COVID
Show Details41min 30s
Work-Life Balance
Show Details46min 47s
Pregnancy Skincare & Treatments
Show Details33min 59s
All About SWEAT
Show Details33min 38s
Special Guest ER Physician Cassie Majestic
Show Details56min 41s
Tips from Megan the Recovered Travel Manager
Show Details48min 43s
Getting to Know Master Esthetician Nikko Alaniz
Show Details1hr 5min
Chemical Peels- The Good, The Bad and The UGLY
Show Details44min 22s
Cut The Skin Care BS
Show Details41min 33s
Working with your Sister
Show Details42min 30s
Normalizing Injectables
Show Details42min 13s
Why another podcast about Beauty & Skin Care?
Show Details35min 20s