• ThROH The Years Episode 126 - Black Friday Fallout

    On a bright and sunny Tuesday Matt and Trevor came together to review Black Friday Fallout, a very B-ish ROH show. Matt plays impromptu ROH trivia! Chango loves tables! We figure out the alarm cock in real time! Who else is going to spend so much time talking about THIS show?!

    2h 36m - Apr 10, 2024
  • ThROH The Years Episode 125 - The Bitter End

    On the new ThROH The Years, Albert Ching joins us to discuss The Bitter End, one of the worst shows we've reviewed. A night full of normally great promoers doing awful mic work, two long-lived storylines ending in the worst ways possible, a car that needs to be moved and a grandma that gets scared. Listen to Trevor lose his mind, Matt worry about warmth, and Albert reveal what movie he and Matt saw on that trip. This one goes some places.

    2h 46m - Mar 24, 2024
  • ThROH The Years Episode 124 - Honor Reclaims Boston

    On the new ThROH The Years, Joe Gagne returns to help us cover Honor Reclaims Boston, a show featuring a main event that got huge buzz at the time in some circles but hasn't been well remembered. More importantly, we talk about chalkboards, growing basil, Eyes Wide Shut and Trevor is pointlessly fake mean to Joe and yet loses in the end. Kubrick would be proud.

    2h 0m - Mar 3, 2024
  • ThROH The Years Episode 123 - Irresistible Forces

    On this episode of ThROH The Years the dry winter of ROH starts to get to Matt and Trevor, with Irresistible Forces, a card that continues ROH's duldrums. We end up making our own fun though and deliver a breezy two hour listen that's gonna make it all worthwhile. What was that? Root Beer?

    2h 3m - Feb 10, 2024
  • ThROH The Years Episode 122 - Suffocation

    On the new ThROH The Years, we keep on working through our dry winter with SUFFOCATION, a very B B-Show. We talk about a great Homicide promo, a problematic Cornette and Corino one, Dicks, how Matt prepares to get a trophy, why Bryan Danielson is afraid of Ben Gay, and a fan tells Davey Richards to save a life before he ever became an EMT. No other podcast has the guts to cover this show. That's right, I said it.

    2h 35m - Jan 21, 2024
  • ThROH The Years Episode 121 - Motor City Madness 2006

    The dry winter of ThROH The Years continues with Motor City Madness 2006, a B-Show that only gets truly memorable with an insane main event. But we have a lot of fun and laughs on this one. Topics include what makes a sandwich, WWF's WrestleMania All Day Long PPV, and Trevor sharing too much about his life yet again. We also talk about the greatness of Bryan Danielson and Mark Briscoe. It's a good fun time with your boys, get on the bus.

    2h 20m - Dec 29, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 120 - Survival of the Fittest 2006

    Today on ThROH The Years, Jeff Schwartz joins to cover Survival of the Fittest 2006, a show that killed the town of Cleveland for ROH. We go over everything, including clothes being lost, a Bryan Danielson/Samoa Joe rematch, and Trev gets correctly called out for going full Meltzer. Plus, the debut of Ashley. You'll get it if you listen.

    2h 57m - Dec 10, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 119 - Glory By Honor V Night 2

    On one of the biggest ThROH The Years of all time we cover one of ROH's biggest shows of 2006, Glory By Honor V, Night 2. David Bixenspan joins us to cover the event, as both he and Matt were there live. We break down the specialness of Danielson vs. KENTA but also explore a million side topics, including how perceptions of indie wrestling changed in our lifetimes. Also Matt forgot to give out the Matt F trophy and I forgot to remind him. We'll make it up to you.This show is a hefty meal.

    4h 7m - Nov 18, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 118 - Glory By Honor V Night 1

    On the new ThROH The Years it's KENTA IN A TENTA as Joe Gagne joins us to discuss Glory By Honor V Night 1, a bizarre show that was forced outside at the last minute. We talk about the circumstances behind it, hear some live thoughts from Joe, and recap every match, with some real standout spots. A short and sweet show. KENTA in a tenta, ThROH The Years in your ears.

    1h 56m - Oct 28, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 117 - Gut Check

    On the new ThROH The Years we cover a very dramatic moment in Bryan Danielson's history as we review Gut Check, a show with one of the craziest instances of a wrestler working through an injury. But there's so much more. Trevor is discombobulated. Matt educates us about Jennifer Warnes and even sings. Check your stomach biome and get downloading!

    2h 36m - Oct 9, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 116 - Epic Encounter II

    ThROH The Years returns after a break. You better have missed us! Matt was at All In and talks about the influence ROH has had on the AEW of today. We then cover Epic Encounter II, a show with a looong Bryan Danielson/Nigel McGuinness match that Bryan didn't like, but who do we feel about it? Also we have plenty of adorable quotes from Wade Keller, discover the joy of Matt Sydal's promos, and we deliver the debut of a new show tradition, The Matt F Trophy! We're back and on the attack folks.

    2h 36m - Sep 17, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 115 - Anarchy in the UK

    On the new ThROH The Years, on the eve of AEW's UK debut, we cover Anarchy in the UK, the second night of ROH's first tour of England. It's a show Trevor thinks is cozy! We talk about it all, including prostates, two fingers, SUWA nearly squashing Bryan Danielson, and the distances between cities. A nice way to pre-game for all the Alls!

    1h 45m - Aug 18, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 114 - Unified

    On a very special ThROH The Years, Alan Counihan joins us for an hour-long interview about ROH's first-ever trip to the UK, giving a ton of insight to the scene at the time. Then Matt and Trevor go solo and do a full review of Unified, ROH's first show outside of the US. We cover two fantastic matches on top, the implications of the infamous ring post spot, a wild burial of Chad Collyer and so much more.

    3h 8m - Aug 4, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 113 - Fight of the Century

    On the new ThROH The Years we welcome first-time guest Phil Schneider (DVDVR, Ringer, Way of the Blade) to review Fight of the Century, a show with an hour-long epic between Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson that we all might have liked more than Bryan Danielson did. Phil regales us with many a spicy tangent, Matt gets a Cameo from Bret Hart, and Trevor discovers he's the odd grump out on a match.

    2h 11m - Jul 15, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 112 - Time to Man Up

    On the new ThROH The Years, Matt and Trevor get macho as they review Time to Man Up, a very consistent B-Show with some surprisingly significant moments. We say farewell to AJ Styles and discuss his first two ROH runs. We also talk about how things were better when they were worse and dread becoming middle-aged. All that and adorable anecdotes about Matt's Dad attending the show and meeting Kenta in a bathroom.

    2h 6m - Jun 24, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 111 - Generation Now

    Today on a brand new ThROH The Years, we are joined again be Jeff Schwartz to cover Generation Now, a show Jeff named! We bid a fond farewell to Generation Next, cover the night of two Christian Cages, and talk about another big Nigel vs. Danielson match that you've probably forgotten. Which pro wrestler has deceptively huge hands? Who came up with the "Mr.Small Package" gimmick? Jeff has the answers!

    2h 51m - Jun 3, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 110 - War of the Wire II

    ThROH The Years is here, anticipating some hot summer fun, revisiting War of the Wire II. It's a show with possibly the most brutal match in ROH history, an epilogue to the ROH/CZW feud. We have fun giving an overdue spotlight on BJ Whitmer, and also enjoy the most important thing to ever happen to ROH, the debut of the ROHbot Arm! Listen now or regret it on your deathbed.

    2h 22m - May 14, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 109 - Death Before Dishonor IV

    ThROH The Years is back and it's a big one, we're covering Death Before Dishonor IV, featuring the legendary Cage of Death match that ends the equally legendary ROH/CZW feud. We cover it in huge depth, even venturing to MySpace to bring you fascinating historical context. We also talk about sacks, one of the most disappointing ROH matches ever, as well as a very overlooked one. Which ones are they? You'll have to listen to find out. Don't be a baby, get the heck in.

    3h 40m - Apr 23, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 108 - Chi-town Struggle

    On the new ThROH The Years, the boys are back to review Chi-Town Struggle. Topics include our imaginary Cameo business, Trevor stumbling over himself a lot like this was a first-year episode, why Bryan Danielson is like a modern stand-up comic, and so much more. A real honkin' episode, so tune in.

    2h 2m - Apr 8, 2023
  • ThROH The Years Episode 107 - Throwdown

    On the shortest ThROH The Years ever, Matt and Trevor breeze through Throwdown, a B-Show with a high-quality double main event. KENTA and Roderick Strong hit each other hard, Jimmy Jacobs gets to shine, and the boys have some friendly disagreements on a few matches. A nice quick (By our standards) listen to get you ready for Mania week.

    1h 35m - Mar 19, 2023
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