SE5: EP 13 How to combat the loss of desire and libido in menopause

38m | Apr 25, 2023

Ready to have amazing sex? Too often we feel vaginal atrophy, dryness and low libido are our lot as we age. But it doesn't have to be this way.

This week my guest is Susan Bratton "Intimacy Expert to Millions" is a champion and advocate for all those who desire intimacy and passion their whole life long.

We have an open frank conversation on sex and menopause and what we can proactively do to have the best sex of our lives. And it is, in my humble opinion, one we need to hear.

• Why do we lose our ability to self-lubricate as we age? How can we address the issue and are there any effective ways to stop or even reverse it?

• What can we do to combat the loss of desire and libido that menopause often brings?

• What are some common myths surrounding sex as we age? What can we do to continue having great sex as our bodies change?

• What are some of the root causes of loss of sensation and lubrication and how can we heal them?

• What is the O shot and how can it benefit menopausal women?

• You say libido reflects overall health, but that many people misunderstand the role of hormones for intimacy. How so? And why is blood flow even more important than hormones?

• What is the matriarchal view of pleasure and how can we reconcile it with the patriarchal view?

You can find The Susan Bratton Show® at, her personal shares on Instagram @susanbratton, and her lust-for-life supplements, FLOW and DESIRE at

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Thriving Thru Menopause