SE5:EP12 The Alchemy of Menopause

45m | Apr 18, 2023

This week my guest is Cathy Skipper an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing, and plant experience, her highly-attuned intuition, and her mastery at ‘seeing the person within’ to all her work.

To become a wiser elder, a crone there is a journey we must undertake from peri-menopause to empowered leadership. And how using the Alchemical stages as outlined in Cathy's book The Alchemy of Menopause provides a framework for this journey.

In our conversation, we talk about

  • Why connecting with the feminine power is key in menopause
  • How that connection supports us in finding a whole new chapter of life t
  • The importance of finding your true voice and its link to a deep connection with our maternal bloodline and ancestral voices.
  • Why we need to shift the focus from needing to do to a period of guided inner work that helps you to trust your intuition
  • The role of the Crone in the future of humanity

You can connect with Cathy through her website and follow her on Facebook Instagram

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Thriving Thru Menopause