Thriving Thru Menopause

Thriving Thru Menopause is a podcast that unlocks all the facets of this time of life. Hosted by author and educator Clarissa Kristjansson, this weekly show features people from diverse backgrounds sharing candidly their own journeys. In addition, we have health experts, activists, and authors from around the globe, to explore stories, bust myths, and offer evidence-based advice.

This podcast is all about; raising awareness, encouraging inclusive conversation, sharing our stories, and in so doing finding ways to heal, grow and thrive through this pivotal stage of our lives.

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SE2: EP54 Celebrating Agefulness with Dawn Mathis
Show Details31min 23s
SE2: SE53 Breaking Through Perfectionism
Show Details34min 40s
SE2:52 The Heart of Menopause
Show Details37min 8s
SE2: EP51 How to Overcome Emotional Eating
Show Details46min 34s
The Best Tips for Exercise and Movement in Menopause and Beyond
Show Details26min 5s
Thriving Thru Menopause Trailer
Show Details1min 36s
SE:50 Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor With Belly Dancing
Show Details34min 13s
S2E49. The key pillars to thriving in menopause
Show Details49min 45s
S2E48. The Natural Menopause
Show Details43min 6s
S2E47. Challenging the Myths of Menopause
Show Details45min 39s
S2E46. Dignified Menopause -a conversation with Radha Paudel
Show Details50min 51s
S2E45. How Culture Shapes How We View Women
Show Details39min 54s
S2E44. Changing Lanes - Life Post-Menopause
Show Details41min 40s
S2E43. What Younger Women Need to Know About Menopause
Show Details40min 20s
S2E42. Learning to Live with the Emotional and Physical Changes of Menopause Brought on by a Hysterectomy?
Show Details36min 36s
S2E41. Boosting Your Metabolism To Stay Slimmer With Age with Candace Rhodes
Show Details38min 36s
S2E40. Struggling with Urinary Incontinence but Despairing With the Choice of Products?
Show Details32min 22s
S2E39. Developing Compassion For Ourselves with Dr Marianne Trent
Show Details44min 25s
S2E38. The Freedom to Be You with Azmina Jiwa, Personal Life Coach
Show Details40min 31s
S2E37. Do Women Experience Stress Differently To Men? With Dr Delia McCabe
Show Details51min 53s
S2E36. A Whole Health Approach to Menopause with Claire Snowden Darling
Show Details44min 45s
S2E35. Rebellious Wellness Over 50 with Gregory Anne Cox
Show Details41min 53s
S2E34.Yoga for a Clear, Confident and Fulfilled Midlife with Antonia Balazs
Show Details40min 44s
S2E33. Escaping the Reality of Daily Drinking
Show Details44min 44s
S2E32. What if I told you that you don’t have to just survive, you can THRIVE!
Show Details45min 21s
S2E31. Why Midlife is a Power Point in a Woman's life
Show Details47min 13s
S2E30. Burnout-Proof Living with Chris Vasiliadis
Show Details43min 46s
S2E29. Take you life from no to YES! with Julie Scott
Show Details43min 37s
S2E28. Naturally Managing Your Menopause with Clare Shepherd of Your New Life Plan and Founder of Pausitivity
Show Details45min 12s
S2E27. An Honest Conversation About Surgical Menopause with Andrea Wilson Woods
Show Details38min 40s
S2E26. Embracing The Feminine for a Fulfilled Life with Sara Jager, Wild Woman Collective
Show Details45min 5s
S2E25. Overcome Divorce and Re-Embrace Happiness with Janet Henson, Divorce & Narcissist Recovery Coach
Show Details46min 44s
S2E24. Calling Love Over 40 with Katie Philips
Show Details47min 7s
S2E23. Have the Sex Life You Want with Dr Claire Macaulay
Show Details43min 52s
S2E22. It's good to talk menopause with Rachel Weiss founder of Menopause Cafe
Show Details29min 23s
S2E21. A Holisitc Approach to Pelvic Wellness with Amy Lee Kaiser
Show Details42min 47s
S2E20. The Role of Digital Health in Menopause with Erica Opare
Show Details34min 50s
S2E19. The Art and Science of Aging Well with Annie Gaudreault
Show Details59min 17s
S2E18. Keeping Women in Business Through Their Menopause Change with Adelle Martin
Show Details41min 40s
S2E17. Transforming Women's Health Through Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Elizabeth Fontaine
Show Details48min 51s
S2E16. Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Anxiety with Stephanie Dalfonzo
Show Details43min 11s
S2E15. The Art of Moving Well with Paula James
Show Details43min 23s
S2E14. Becoming the CEO of Your Life with Yvonne Dam
Show Details33min 37s
S2E13. How to Break Free from the Procrastination Trap with Dr. Christine Li
Show Details47min 25s
S2E12. Owning the Power to Determine Your Health Outcomes with AmiCietta Clarke of Clean Body Living
Show Details48min 26s
S2E11. To Eat or Not to Eat Talking Intuitive Eating and Positive Body Image with Dri Marie
Show Details50min 30s
S2E10. Guiding you through the ‘O-Zone’ of menopause where you feel overwhelmed and over it with Delayna Watkins The Wellness Maven
Show Details40min
S2E9. Stand Up to Cancer with Grace B. Charrier, cancer activist and patient leader
Show Details44min 46s
S2E8. Empowering Women in Menopause with Dr Donna Ivery
Show Details1hr 3min
S2E7. How to nail your executive presence and reputation with Helen Robinett
Show Details51min 1s
S2 E6. Drop the mask and create REAL relationships with Deb Morgan relationship expert of Not A Rehearsal
Show Details51min 1s
S2 05. This Is Your Brain on Menopause with Dr ‘J’ Americas #1 Brain Psychologist
Show Details40min 43s
S2 E4 Coping with Menopause Induced Anxiety with Clarissa Kristjansson
Show Details22min 29s
S2 E3. Covid, Menopause and Working from Home A Time to Pause and Cultivate Self-Awareness with Clarissa Kristjansson
Show Details19min 36s
S2 E2 Sex After Menopause with Lynda Sunshine West Collaboration Strategist, Speaker, Bestselling Author, Film Producer, Red Carpet Interviewer and Philanthropist
Show Details33min 13s
S2: E1. Introducing Thriving Thru Menopause Season 2
Show Details2min 59s
A holistic approach to menopause - a doctors view
Show Details39min 1s
Enhance Your Overall Well-Being in Menopause with Essential Oils
Show Details39min 32s
Sleep, Menopause and CBD
Show Details29min 5s
Life Long Pleasure: Sex During and After Menopause
Show Details1hr 5min
Burnout, Tired or Lazy
Show Details45min 15s
Alcohol Dependency and Recovery. Why Sobriety Works Better For You than the Dark Side of Wine Mum Culture
Show Details43min 37s
Debunked! The Menopause Myths that Every Woman Should Question
Show Details43min 24s
Ready to Win the Inner Game? Clear Blocks and Limiting Beliefs and Take Your Life to the Next Level
Show Details35min 1s
Nourishing you through the menopause, naturally. So you can be you.
Show Details48min 6s
Get Clear, Get Real and Get Going to Create a Life You Love!
Show Details47min 11s
Candida Infection? What Is It, Signs You Have One and How Functional Medicine Can Help to Eliminate It
Show Details1hr 5min
Growing Gratitude
Show Details30min 23s
Just been told you have early menopause? What next?
Show Details42min 58s
Sleep is a Skill: Steps to Getting Your Best Sleep Ever
Show Details52min 32s
Women of Truth: Wellness, Leadership and Wisdom In a Time of Change
Show Details49min 9s
It Feels Good to Feel Good. Learn to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and feel great again
Show Details35min 36s
Fitness: It Starts With Your Mindset
Show Details42min 21s
Creating Your Midlife Manifesto
Show Details38min 29s
Feeling fantastic ..from the inside out!
Show Details40min 21s
Breaking the Workplace Silence and Stigma on Menopause
Show Details36min 6s
Sex and Menopause: On or Off?
Show Details50min 21s
Raise the Bar
Show Details34min 42s
Living a More ZESTful Life!
Show Details41min 33s
Releasing Emotional Weight
Show Details40min 9s
Cracking Open the Conversation on Perimenopause ând Menopause
Show Details33min 45s
How to create a Relationship that is REAL & beautiful
Show Details40min 53s
Perimeno Whaaat?
Show Details34min 13s
Embrace Your Divine Feminine Energy
Show Details29min 41s
How to Overcome Emotional Eating
Show Details34min 1s
Communicate Compassionately with Your Partner
Show Details44min 3s
How to Improve Pelvic Floor Strength
Show Details27min 20s
How Much Alcohol is Too Much?
Show Details34min 58s
When Things Don't Go To Plan
Show Details28min 22s
The Sandwich Generation
Show Details29min 57s
Playing the Victim?
Show Details50min 24s
Master Your Mind in Menopause
Show Details32min 34s
Tired of Dieting and Feeling Miserable? Time For a Life Reboot
Show Details38min 4s
A Personal Experience with Early Menopause
Show Details40min 33s
The Wiser Woman
Show Details39min 29s
Brave Wisdom
Show Details45min 41s
Navigating Your Life Through a Sea of Change.
Show Details35min 46s
Eat What You Want, Stop Dieting and Still Lose Weight!
Show Details24min 9s
Mindful Dating
Show Details29min 44s
Menopause Matters
Show Details35min 8s