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Thriving Lives

I am Marcus Gates and I have been in the fitness world all my life. I've been a Lifestyle, Nutrition and Health Coach since I was 23 years old. I started my business, "Thriving Lives Fitness" while I was in college and to my amazement, I have now helped well over 500+ people achieve their fitness & health goals, and change their lives forever and now I'm here to help YOU do better, be better and get more out of life.

Thriving Lives Fitness is a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching and Personal Training business that helps people create healthy and sustainable changes in their lives.

One of the many valuable benefits that Thriving Lives Fitness provides are the weekly community zoom calls which I record and share here.

Our topics each week vary from Q&A's, Client Spotlights, nutrition, fitness, lab work, mindset, accountability, motivation, tips and tricks for clients to apply, and more.

IG: @thrivinglivesfitness

FB: "Marcus Gates", "Thriving Lives Fitness" business page & the "Thriving Lives Fitness Facebook Group.