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This is a weekly livestreamed show where we discuss the downfall of the west, from the Canadian angle. (Podcast feed includes shows under other titles)

Watch live political content every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm Atlantic time.

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YIKES MODE: Ukraine WARCRIMES Own Citizens, Blames Russians | S4E13 (078)
Show Details50min 59s
SHAWARMAPILLED: Pierre Poilievre IGNORES Persecution of Dissidents and Eats Immigrant Food Instead | S4E12 (077)
Show Details46min 33s
ARAB GENIUS: Bashar Al-Assad OBLITERATES Hypocritical Jew Zelensky and NATO | S4E11 (076)
Show Details55min 31s
NATO FAILURE: Sanctions BACKFIRE as India ABANDONS US Dollar | S4E10 (075)
Show Details45min 51s
CPC SHILL: Poilievre DOMINATES Tories in Fixed Leadership Race | S4E09 (074)
Show Details48min 5s
WORLD WAR 3: Russian Military FRAMED for Mega-Chernobyl | S4E08 (073)
Show Details47min 8s
WORLD WAR 3: NATO Aggression FORCES Russian Invasion of Ukraine | S4E07 (072)
Show Details46min 17s
WHITE GENOCIDE: 430,000 Immigrants to DESTROY the Working Class | S4E06 (071)
Show Details58min 23s
TIANANMEN SQUARE: Ottawa Truckers SLAUGHTERED by TANKS!? | S4E05 (070)
Show Details48min 32s
O'TOOLE DEAD: Tories Revolt Burying CRINGE Leader Alive! | S4E04 (069)
Show Details56min 18s
FROZEN TO DEATH: Illegal Immigrants Smuggled by Black Floridian | S4E03 (067)
Show Details48min 56s
GOD IS ILLEGAL: American Media Finally Notices Bill C-4 | S4E02 (066)
Show Details50min 5s
TOTALLY GROSS: CBC Shills Encourage Cross-dressing in Fashion | S4E01 (065)
Show Details48min 55s
"Stop Calling Yourself a Feminist!" (Christmas Special) | S4E00 (064)
Show Details10min 23s
"The Ultimate Woman Moment" | S3E13 (063)
Show Details54min 55s
"Monkeys Going Ape" | S3E12 (062)
Show Details50min 30s
"Crushing Dissent Under the Big Gay Boot" | S3E11 (061)
Show Details44min 15s
"Emperor Rittenhouse vs. the Inflation Fetishists" | S3E10 (060)
Show Details45min 56s
"Weaponizing White Rage" | S3E09 (059)
Show Details48min 13s
"This Episode is Illegal in 17 Countries" | S3E08 (058)
Show Details48min 2s
"Being Illiterate is Law" | S3E07 (057)
Show Details59min 29s
"A.P. Gay" | S3E06 (056)
Show Details55min 20s
"It's Time to Ban the Internet" | S3E05 (055)
Show Details51min 12s
"Consequences for Being Complacent" | S3E04 (054)
Show Details49min 53s
"Blamers vs. Gamers" | S3E03 (053)
Show Details46min 39s
"Line in the Sand" | S3E02 (052)
Show Details48min 31s
"Crash and Burn" | S3E01 (051)
Show Details54min 1s