3. Escolas de Samba: Grupo Especial (Parte 1)

1h 10m | Aug 1, 2022

Now that we are familiar with how Rio’s samba schools are structured, it’s time to get familiar with some of the schools in this 2 part series. This episode we will focus on the 12 samba schools in the 2023 Grupo Especial (special group) or as I like to refer to as D1. Once again, this episode is a little long but what can I say… There’s A LOT to cover. Vamos là!

Special Guest: The Sounds of Brooklyn (aka excuse the background noise)

Samba School Instagram Profiles

Let's match the faces with a few names I mentioned:

Valeska Reis Instagram and my favorite samba video of hers

As mentioned, Império Serrano will honor Arlindo Cruz and Grande Rio will honor Zeca Pagodinho in their 2023 parades. Enjoy Meu Lugar (Live) by Arlindo Cruz and Deixa a Vida Me Levar (Live) by Zeca Pagodinho, two of my favorite song of theirs.

Castorzinho, Mocidade’s very popular mascot!

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