5. O Rei Dos Reis: Alex Coutinho

Season 1 | Episode 5
1h 44m | Aug 22, 2022

I’m humbled and honored to welcome two people that I love and respect to the podcast, Alex Coutinho and Inès Ouedraogo!! Join me and Inès in learning more about Alex while digging into the world of samba no pé. This episode will be in Portuguese and English with translation support by Inés. Vamos là!

Special Guests: 

Alex Coutinho

Alex Coutinho is an internationally renowned Samba professional. His charisma, inclusivity and samba technique have made him one of the most sought after instructors and mentors. Alex defines himself as a teacher of samba no pé. Currently, he is the Director de Passistas for samba schools Paraíso do Tuiuti and Acadêmicos do Cubango. Alex is also the Artistic Director of the International group of Samba dancers the Poderosas do the Samba. Alex is experienced in training Samba dancers starting at 8 years old and has shared his culture and expertise to over 15 countries. Follow Alex on Instagram.

Inès Ouedraogo, PhD

Dr. Inès is a scholar with her research in romance studies, professor, dancer, and instructor with SambaViva, a samba dance ensemble located in Boston MA. Her passion for Brazilian culture led her to learn Portuguese and samba a decade ago. Since then, she's been continuously looking to improve her samba dance skills through training with professionals in Rio, São Paulo and the US. Inès has paraded as a passista and musa with several top samba schools in Rio. Additionally, Inès enjoys connecting North and West African movements to samba, not only as an appreciation of her roots but also as a way to celebrate human unity. Through samba she seeks to express, share and transmit joy, self-confidence and freedom. Follow Inès on Instagram and Mais Quadril.

Baby Heitor, Alex's son!

The Sounds of Brooklyn, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico (aka excuse any background noise)

Additional Highlight Let's match the faces with a few names I mentioned:

Sound Effects: Just Breaking by David Fesliyan

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