6.11 The Primal Wounds, Again, Part Two: Abandonment

1h 23m | Feb 6, 2024

Kristina and Anna are revisiting the primal wounds, after taking a break to recover from doing this shadow work process two years ago. This episode re-airs the original episode and also includes an update and reflection on what they have learned about their own abandonment wound since the first recording.

In this second episode the Primal Wounds Again, Anna takes us on a journey to explore the first primal wound of Abandonment. Have you ever experienced the pain of feeling abandoned ? In this fascinating episode you will learn how to recognize the ways in which the abandonment wound shows up in your every day life. Anna and Kristina discuss how codependent behavior is the coping mechanism to protect oneself from this wound. And, they explore tools and experiences that helped them forgive and love their own sense of abandonment.

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1.15 Summary of the Abandonment Wound

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