Black Lives Matter

Episode 1
4m | Jun 3, 2020

We at This Must Be the Gig wanted to share this brief recording to say that our hearts and our minds are with the communities perpetually devastated by police violence, and with the people protesting that tragic reality. We wanted to use this moment to share resources to educate and ways to make a tangible impact. We are not experts, and are compiling information from black voices we’ve learned from in the hopes that we can work together as a community to listen and learn.

Black lives matter. Rest in power to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Collins Khosa, Sibusiso Amos, and countless other black men and women murdered. Say their names. We love you all, and hope you stay safe and healthy.

*Please excuse some echoes in the audio. We didn't have the opportunity to head into the studio to record, but felt the message was important enough to deliver in whatever way we could. All resources mentioned in the recording are available at our Facebook page.

The resource list can also be found here.

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