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This Is Me

Weekly podcast about me, life challenges, movies, deep issues, tv shows, video games, music, etc. Whatever I am open to doing and sharing.


Uncharted Movie Review
Show Details23min 54s
Episode 12 (I'M BACK! Life Happens)
Show Details24min 35s
Episode 11 (Tis The Season)
Show Details20min 59s
Spider-Man No Way Home Movie Review
Show Details20min 48s
Episode 10 (Marriage 102)
Show Details50min 18s
Episode 9 (Marriage 101)
Show Details40min 54s
Ghostbusters Afterlife Movie Review
Show Details20min 49s
Eternals Movie Review
Show Details20min 29s
Episode 8 (Ezra Moments)
Show Details14min 45s
Episode 7 (Dreams, Night Parables, Night Visions)
Show Details36min 13s
Episode 6 (Twins 4 Life)
Show Details46min 57s
Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage Movie Review
Show Details20min 29s
Episode 5 (No Pressure Parenting Pt 2)
Show Details46min 38s
Episode 4 ( No Pressure Parenting Pt 1)
Show Details39min 28s
Episode 3 (Do You Ever?)
Show Details25min 58s
Episode 2 (Who Am I? Pt 2)
Show Details30min 50s
Shang Chi Movie Review!
Show Details20min 29s
Episode 1 (Who Am I? Pt 1)
Show Details36min 30s
Introduction (Episode 0) What the show is about!
Show Details12min 44s