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This Functional Family Podcast

Dashawn and Amanda are a married couple with two children sharing their experiences on marriage, parenting, and everything in between. Offering practical advice through transparency, their mission is to restore hope in love, marital bliss, commitment, and healthy functional family values to their listeners.

Hosts instagram: @thisfunctionalfamilypodcast @officialredeemed @penpointit


Episode 25: Falling Out of Love
Show Details36min 10s
Episode 24: Scoffin' About Father's Day
Show Details45min 2s
Episode 23: Scoffin' About Marriage and Mental Health
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 22: Make it Last 4ever
Show Details43min 36s
Episode 21: Scoffin' About Jungle Fever
Show Details44min 22s
Episode 20: Scoffin' About Submission
Show Details34min 47s
Episode 19: Scoffin' About Pre-Marital Conversations
Show Details41min 18s
Episode 18: Scoffin' About Heartbreak
Show Details33min 7s
Episode 17: Scoffin' About Parental Guilt
Show Details34min 57s
Episode 16: Scoffin' About Valentine's Day
Show Details31min 46s
Episode 15: Scoffin' About Raising Digital Babies
Show Details31min 19s
Episode 12: Scoffin' About Cultural Collision
Show Details29min 25s
Episode 11: Scoffin' About Boredom in Relationships
Show Details28min 33s
Episode 10: We All Have Bad Days
Show Details35min 3s
Episode 9: Scoffin' About Emotional Safety Part 2
Show Details23min 59s
Episode 9: Scoffin' About Emotional Safety Part 1
Show Details17min 28s
Episode 8: Scoffin' About Parental Boundaries
Show Details28min 52s
Episode 7: Is Social Media Destroying Relationships?
Show Details39min 36s
Episode 6: Scoffin' About Identity
Show Details41min 17s
Episode 5: Scoffin' About Compromise
Show Details35min 46s
Episode 4: Scoffin' About Generational Wealth
Show Details45min 19s
Episode 3: Lessons from Quarantine
Show Details35min 57s
Episode 2: Scoffin' About Communication
Show Details47min 35s
Episode 1: Welcome to the Family Function
Show Details44min 30s