This Film Not Rated

Hosts discuss movies watched during the previous week while avoiding giving a “rating” or “qualifier” of good or bad. 

Rating or commenting on the quality of a movie earns the hosts (and guests) “points.” The highest point total is “losing.”


Episode 14- British-American Scary Stories
Show Details50min 59s
Episode 13- This Podcast Vs The World
Show Details57min 54s
Episode 12- Be Kind Rewind E01
Show Details30min 13s
Episode 11- Zack Snyder and The League (Guest Star Mecha_Kidd)
Show Details46min 13s
Episode 10- That One Movie
Show Details54min 42s
Episode 9- For Children and Adults Separately
Show Details45min 28s
Episode 8- The Adventures of 12 Angry Iron Men and the Dead That Don't Die
Show Details42min 51s
Episode 7- The Blob and The Third Exorcist Live to Old Age and Are Sent To Live on a Mountain!
Show Details49min 18s
Episode 6- Moonlight, Game Night, The Little Things, And A New Class of Film Noir
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 5- The Girl Who Played With a Blue Uncut Gem then Got Out on Friday the 13th
Show Details47min 49s
Episode 4- Summer Wars in Selma Between The Changeling and The Crow with the Dragon Tattoo
Show Details48min 42s
Episode 3- The Mask of Zorro, The Thing (2011), and The World's End
Show Details30min 53s
Episode 2- MW84, SPvtW, Armie Hammer, Maquia, Dead Man
Show Details37min 47s
Episode 1- David Lynch and Christopher Nolan
Show Details41min 46s
This Film Not Rated Preview
Show Details34s