SPECIAL FEATURE After the Gloaming Episode 1: A Scarecrow for Mason Bradley

52m | Aug 1, 2023

Hello all!

We're here on a non release day to recommend a podcast we think you'll love. This is episode 1 of After the Gloaming, you'll hear Bridgett's voice as a guest on the show.

You can find even more spooky content over on the After the Gloaming feed, head on over and give them a follow.

We'll see you later this month with a new episode of Thirteen, and we're so excited to share it with you. Don't forget that in August, the 13th falls on a weekend. So you can expect the episode to drop the following monday.

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***Show Notes Below***

After the Gloaming is a production of Dissonance Media and The Other Stories.

A Scarecrow for Mason Bradley was written by Charlie Maliha whose pronouns are he/him or they/them.

Charlie Maliha is a queer trans author who specializes in horror and speculative fiction. Pulling from his background in art history and occult studies, Charlie’s work explores themes of chaos, belonging, and superstition. As a trans author, Charlie highlights the experiences of queer and trans characters and writes the representation he wishes to see in horror. When he’s not writing, Charlie can be found sketching or napping with his two cats. Follow him on Twitter for more screams @deusexmaliha

Evelyn was performed by Bridgett Howard from the Thirteen podcast.

Grandpa was performed by Jerry Harris

Grandma was performed by Rebecca Struzyna from the West London Witch podcast

Mason Bradley was performed by Phoenix Fire from Back to Ashes and Phoenix Fire Narrations on Youtube

Scarecrow was performed by James Barnett

Henry Blackwood was performed by Xander Zweig

Shelly Stevenson was performed by Alexandra Elroy

After the Gloaming script was written by James Barnett.

Sound production and editing was completed by James Barnett.

Theme music was scored by Duncan Muggleton and produced by James Barnett.

Music and sound effects were provided by: Epidemic Sound, Sound Stripe, and

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Stay Horrific, everyone!

Warm regards,

James Barnett (Jimmy Horrors)

Editor & Producer

The Night's End podcast

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