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Thirsty for Hallmark

Join Hallmark superfans Charlie and Mary Alexander to discuss the latest Hallmark movies. We discuss the hunks, the hair, and everything else that exists in this magic realm where love always wins.


Ep20: The Baker's Son
Show Details25min 47s
Ep19: You Had Me at Aloha
Show Details30min 4s
Ep18: Sweet Carolina
Show Details28min 11s
Ep17: Baby, It's Cold Inside
Show Details43min 40s
Ep16: Hearts Down Under
Show Details28min 34s
Ep15: Right in Front of Me
Show Details41min 22s
Ep14: As Luck Would Have It
Show Details31min 31s
Ep13: One Perfect Wedding
Show Details37min 41s
Ep12: Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Show Details39min 54s
Ep11: Chasing Waterfalls
Show Details41min 50s
Ep10: Winter in Vail
Show Details35min 25s
Ep9: Fit for a Prince
Show Details40min 51s
Ep8: It Was Always You
Show Details24min 57s
Ep7: Mix Up in the Mediterranean
Show Details36min 16s
Ep6: Playing Cupid
Show Details44min 8s
Ep5: The Sweetest Heart (Valentine's Bonus)
Show Details33min 26s
Ep4: Beverly Hills Wedding
Show Details24min 58s
Ep3: Snowkissed
Show Details31min 19s
Ep2: A Winter Getaway
Show Details19min 48s
Ep1: Two for the Win
Show Details21min 33s