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Welcome to The Third Eye Thoughts Podcast — a supportive space to fuel your conscious evolution. Join me, Pragya Beniwal for heart-centered conversations about spirituality, Reiki, Human Design, self development, wellness and much more.


#9 Mistakes We Make In Love
Show Details48min 38s
#8 Inner Child Wounds Resurfacing - My Experience
Show Details35min 38s
#7 What Makes Us Lonely
Show Details41min 44s
#6 Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet & Overcoming Fear of Judgement
Show Details33min 28s
#5 My Kundalini Awakening
Show Details45min 18s
#4 Working with Mercury Retrograde Energies
Show Details38min 51s
#3 Feeling my feelings and Coping with Change & Loss
Show Details29min 26s
#2 Manifesting a Conscious Relationship
Show Details24min 58s
#1 Cultivating Genuine Self Love
Show Details28min 26s