• Ep. 05: Plato's Phaedo Explored

    Plato's work Phaedo is discussed to complete the trilogy corresponding to Socrates' trial, imprisonment, and execution. Socrates' understanding of the soul and its immortality is expounded upon by Plato's writings about a conversation between Phaedo and Echecrates about the last moments of Socrates. Cebes and Simmias seek convincing about the immortality of the soul from their soon-to-depart master. The episodes concludes with Socrates' departure from the world via hemlock.

    39m - Jan 23, 2022
  • Ep. 04: Exploring Plato's Crito

    In this episode we explore Plato's Crito, second in the trilogy of Socrates' trial, jail time, and eventual execution. Here, we explore who Crito was, his relationship to Socrates, and the dialogue in the prison cell between the two long time friends. The philosophical question of whether it is better for Socrates to escape or face his punishment is explored. Crito presents his best arguments in order to get his friend out of jail. Socrates, open to debate on the subject, presents his counterarguments on philosophical grounds based on his sense of justice.

    31m - Jan 22, 2022
  • Ep. 03: Exploring Plato's Apology, Part II

    In this final part covering Plato's Apology, (the Trial of Socrates), we explore Socrates' defense, response to his sentencing, and final words to the Athenian court. In Part I, we covered the background history leading up to this moment, the lives of Socrates and Plato, and the intriguing charges brought against Socrates in light of the political turmoil going on in Athens. 

    39m - Jan 22, 2022
  • Ep. 02: Exploring Plato's Apology, Part I

    Plato's Apology, also called the Trial of Socrates, is one of the most famous works of philosophy in the world and has been for many hundreds of years for good reason. In this episode of the Great Books Explored podcast, Christian Poole takes you through the setup for Socrates' trial in Athens, 399 BC, the background history leading up to this moment, and the lives of Socrates and Plato. In it you learn why Socrates was brought to trial, who is accusers are, the social and political landscape that may have encouraged the trial, and what big questions to ask when reading the book.

    27m - Jan 22, 2022
  • Ep. 01: Introduction to the Great Conversation

    An introduction to the great books and the great conversation. In this episode, host Christian Poole covers questions like: Why read the great books? What makes a great book? Why focus on the great books of the West and not the East? Also covered is the Great Books of the Western World set, which I use extensively in this podcast and channel.

    25m - Jan 22, 2022
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