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What if we all stopped to think a little harder? To have conversations with each other? What might the world look like? I’m Kinsey Grant and together, we’re gonna find out.


Make p*rn hot (and ethical) again
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How to solve the formula shortage
Show Details26min 10s
A bear market is like a bad breakup? Stock market volatility, explained
Show Details24min 46s
Gen Z's BeReal obsession explained
Show Details28min 54s
The stock market may be crashing but you don’t have to
Show Details10min 13s
The evolution of digital feminism, from #Girlboss to Roe vs. Wade
Show Details29min 28s
Overturning Roe vs. Wade could flip America's economy on its head
Show Details8min 13s
Twitter has us in a chokehold. Will Elon Musk make that worse?
Show Details20min 38s
Can Elon Musk make the internet fun again?
Show Details14min 32s
Ukraine vs. Russia: what comes next & how this ends
Show Details43min 34s
Mark Cuban explains his American dream
Show Details53min 27s
The American dream is dead...?
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Coachella isn't just about the music anymore
Show Details25min 14s
Can this friendship survive a debate on capitalism?
Show Details17min 14s
The problem with Emily Ratajkowski's politics
Show Details23min 9s
The failure of mainstream media & its ripple effects: Brian Morrissey weighs in
Show Details25min 42s
Is Joe Rogan a journalist?
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Love, actually: The science behind love & everything we know about it
Show Details38min 37s
How much sex is too much sex? On Euphoria, onscreen nudity, and the line between life and art
Show Details23min 57s
Champagne socialism, Emily Ratajkowski, and the moral failures of the very wealthy
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Let’s settle it: Is your phone actually listening to you?
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Check in on the cryptopunks in your life
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Why Aren’t We More Preoccupied With Dying? Continuing the Conversation with Cleo Abram
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Your Web3 Primer: Continuing the Conversation with Gaby Goldberg
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How to win friends and...
Show Details40min 52s
Should you (or...can you) buy a house?
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What if we could live forever?
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Who gets to speak freely?
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How to solve homelessness? Give people homes
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The retail investing revolution is here (Ft. Public)
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Cyborgs Are People Too: The Apple Story
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Why do people do drugs?
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Should Greek life exist?
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It’s a love story baby just swipe right
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Welcome to Season 2 of Thinking Is Cool
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Continuing the Conversation: Quinn CEO Caroline Spiegel on porn, pleasure, and random things that are hot
Show Details39min 37s
How Facebook destroyed us all
Show Details47min 4s
Is the new normal finally here?
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How to become a billionaire
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Politics is broken & you’re gonna fix it
Show Details46min 52s
Is bitcoin the future of everything?
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The girlboss has left the chat
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Your move (and what it says about you)
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Can you fix climate change?
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The Barstool Case Study
Show Details35min 24s
How to make porn suck less
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Welcome to Thinking Is Cool
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