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Think Like an Owner

This show seeks out conversations with business owners and private investors to learn how to acquire and run small companies, with a special focus on search funds, micro private equity, and permanent capital. Episodes released weekly. Learn more at


Kurt Leedy and Kyle Coots - The Three Methods to Grow Capital - Ep.134
Show Details1hr 9min
Adriana Garcia Ceja - The Power of Role Models - Ep. 133
Show Details55min
Mark Brooks - Building Transformative Teams - Ep. 132
Show Details57min 44s
Sara Heston & Peter Kelly - Stanford Search Fund Study - Ep.131
Show Details57min 20s
Jay Davis and Jason Pananos - Serial Acquisition Strategies and Holding Companies - Ep.130
Show Details1hr 1min
Nick Haschka - Reversing Course on a Holding Company - Ep.129
Show Details43min 10s
Andy Cagnetta - How Business Brokers See the M&A World - Ep.128
Show Details52min 33s
Trilogy Search Series Ep.5: Kevin Knoepp and Zach Seely - Ep.127
Show Details1hr 5min
Freddie Bellhouse - Building a Holding Company in the U.K. - Ep.126
Show Details51min 52s
Rob LeBlanc - Designing an International Search Investment Firm - Ep.125
Show Details52min 27s
Brendan Anderson - Building a Compounding Advantage - Ep.124
Show Details50min 48s
Trilogy Search Series Ep.4: Kristen Glenn, Jennie Ellis, and Cyrus Symoom - Ep. 123
Show Details56min 22s
Joe Heieck - Time to Sell or Keep Going? - Ep. 122
Show Details1hr
Craig Fuller - On The Intersection of Media and Data - Ep. 121
Show Details1hr 7min
Poppy MacDonald - Uncovering Government Data at USAFacts - Ep.120
Show Details55min 51s
Ujwal Velagapudi - "I'll close in 2 emails" - Ep.119
Show Details53min 10s
Trilogy Search Series Ep.3: Tom Klein and Roland Lessard - Ep.118
Show Details1hr 22min
Michael Arrieta - Building the World's Best Holding Company - Ep.117
Show Details51min 42s
Caroline Matthews & Connor McCarthy - Acquiring Youth Summer Camps - Ep.116
Show Details1hr 2min
Ayo Phillips & Peter Lohmann - All Things EOS - Ep.115
Show Details57min 41s
Kaustubh Deo - NYC Private Equity to a Tree Service Acquisition in Seattle - Ep.114
Show Details1hr 6min
Alex Mears - Lessons for Search from Large-Cap Private Equity - Ep.113
Show Details1hr 1min
Tony Layne - A Turbulent Journey of Entrepreneurship - Ep.112
Show Details1hr 6min
Tom Birchard - Kicking Off a Home Services Rollup - Ep.111
Show Details46min 24s
Trilogy Search Series Ep.2: Ryan Turk - Ep.110
Show Details59min 58s
Preston Holland - Transforming Flying Magazine - Ep.109
Show Details53min 28s
David Dodson - Searching, Investing, Teaching - Ep.108
Show Details1hr 4min
Glenn Gonzales - How to Fly Private as a Business Owner - Ep.107
Show Details58min 46s
Trilogy Search Series Ep.1: Nikita Sunilkumar & Kush Das - Ep.106
Show Details1hr 7min
Michael Curry & Keith Burns - Earn The Right to Lead - Ep.105
Show Details1hr 4min
Lori Harrington & Bruce Vanderzyde - Searcher and Seller Perspectives - Ep.104
Show Details53min 40s
Live From SMBash: Justin Burris and Tim Ludwig on Majority Search - Ep.103
Show Details40min 3s
Cross-Post: Owned and Operated with Alex Bridgeman
Show Details1hr 1min
Greg Geronemus - Traditional Search Misconceptions - Ep.102
Show Details45min 17s
Mehtab Bhogal - How to Fix a Failing Ecommerce Business - Ep.101
Show Details48min 39s
Sam Shepler - Video Testimonials for Growing Companies - Ep.100
Show Details35min 45s
Robert Graham – Running Two Businesses, in the Healthcare Space and in the Search Fund Space - Ep.99
Show Details52min 18s
Eric Friend – A Conversation About the 100+ Year Old Friend Family Business of Print – Ep.98
Show Details1hr 1min
John Puskar – A Journey of Growing and Selling a Professional Services Company - Ep.97
Show Details59min 40s
Jordan Evans – Acquiring and Growing a Family Business in the Industry of Language Services - Ep.96
Show Details56min 34s
Chris Williams - Running a Search and Acquiring and Operating a Small Business - Ep.95
Show Details56min 24s
Austin Hall & Palmer Higgins - Lessons Learned Operating in Lawn Care - Ep.94
Show Details53min 43s
Ryan DeCaire - What Rapid Growth in Small Business Looks Like - Ep.93
Show Details54min 19s
Sandro Mina - From Camera World to Relay Investments: Capturing the Early Days of a Search Fund - Ep.92
Show Details49min 6s
Timi Okah - Kingsway's First Acquisition in CEO Accelerator Program - EP.91
Show Details52min 40s
Collin Hathaway - What You Learn Acquiring 12 Home Service Companies - Ep.90
Show Details56min 1s
Jason Jackson - Rebuilding a Profitable Dental Care Business - Ep.89
Show Details54min 5s
Mike Botkin - Central Florida Landscape M&A Playbook - Ep.88
Show Details48min 56s
Matt Moldenhauer- Rolling Out Technology and Systems in the Timber Industry - Ep.87
Show Details59min 44s
Heather Endresen - SBA: Government’s Strategic Loan Program for Entrepreneurs - Ep.86
Show Details56min 9s
[Re-Run] Collin Hathaway – Investing and Operating in Home Services – Ep. 85
Show Details1hr
Paul Yancich & Daniel Eisen - Taking Inspiration From Constellation and Leveraging a Long Time Horizon - Ep.84
Show Details55min 19s
Badge Stone - Earning His Badge and Making His Mark in Search Fund Investments - Ep.83
Show Details1hr 1min
Andrew Sohn & Michael Novielli - Running an Education Business in China - Ep. 82
Show Details54min 2s
Announcing: The Operator’s Handbook with a Special Interview by Tim Ludwig
Show Details47min 3s
Reg Zeller - Quitting Corporate to Roll Up Foundries - Ep. 81
Show Details56min 57s
Mia Jackson - Applying Experience and Passion in Health Care - Ep. 80
Show Details46min 56s
Craig Fuller - Acquiring Flying Magazine and Building a Media Playbook - Ep. 79
Show Details1hr
John Rood - Business Building is System Building - Ep. 78
Show Details49min 22s
Peter Bell - Growing an Emergency Equipment Distribution Business - Ep. 77
Show Details55min 13s
Brent Beshore - Building and Growing a Competitive Advantage at Permanent Equity - Ep. 76
Show Details45min 49s
Peter Kang - 15 Years In And Just Getting Started - Ep. 75
Show Details49min 44s
Dave Waters - Lessons from Investing in Small Public Companies - Ep. 74
Show Details1hr
Nick Fedele - Death, Taxes, and Stuff Goes Sideways - Ep. 73
Show Details49min 44s
Tony Cappaert - “Every Company is Underpricing” - Ep. 72
Show Details49min 6s
Manny Saxena - Buying Into the World of Commercial Sweeping - Ep. 71
Show Details49min 5s
RE Miniseries Part 3: Chris Powers - Boring Businesses and Industrial Real Estate - Ep. 70
Show Details30min 54s
RE Miniseries Part 2: Moses Kagan - How Business Owners Should Invest in Residential Real Estate - Ep. 69
Show Details50min 7s
RE Miniseries Part 1: Nick Huber - Operating a Moving Company and a Self-Storage Portfolio - Ep. 68
Show Details40min 5s
Eric Factor & Austin King - Operating in the Crane Business - Ep. 67
Show Details50min 13s
Sam Rosati - An Incubator, Conference, and a Business Sale - Ep. 66
Show Details44min 8s
Elliot Epstein - Running a Model Aircraft Business - Ep. 65
Show Details1hr 16min
Chase Murdock - Buying Not Boring Businesses - Ep. 64
Show Details54min 8s
Victoria Sylvester - Growing a Training Company with a Global Focus - Ep. 63
Show Details54min 42s
Steve Ressler - How to Invest in Search Funds - Ep. 62
Show Details52min 9s
Palmer Higgins - Removing Sales Roles at Mainely Grass - Ep. 61
Show Details29min 27s
Jason Hill - Benefits to Making Food a Stronger Priority at Work - Ep. 60
Show Details23min
Justin Vogt & Ed Redden - Creating a Long-Term Holdco at Evermore Industries - Ep. 59
Show Details58min 2s
Deepa Talwar - From Silicon Valley to Searching on Main Street - Ep. 58
Show Details53min 43s
Ross Brendel - Investing in Permanent Capital Vehicles - Ep. 57
Show Details49min 54s
Ayo Phillips - Small Company Firefighting - Ep. 56
Show Details53min 9s
Mark Valdez - From a16z to Eads Bridge Holdings - Ep. 55
Show Details45min 29s
Mark Hunter - Lessons from a Career in Micro Private Equity - Ep. 54
Show Details1hr 7min
Kelcey Lehrich - Building an E-Commerce Portfolio - Ep. 53
Show Details40min 8s
Ryan Callaghan - Oilstop’s Customer-Focused Culture - Ep. 52
Show Details43min 51s
Rob LaBonne - 6th Gen Family Grocery Store and Self-Storage - Ep. 51
Show Details51min 23s
Jason Hill - Growing a Custom Countertop Business - Ep. 50
Show Details1hr 1min
Nick Haschka - Buying Small - Ep. 49
Show Details48min 25s
Mike Botkin - First 30 Days in a Small Landscaping Business - Ep. 48
Show Details54min 49s
John Wilson - Growing the Family Plumbing Business - Ep. 47
Show Details59min 30s
Bill D’Alessandro - Acquiring and Scaling E-Commerce Brands - Ep. 46
Show Details45min 14s
Matthew Hinson - Acquiring Orthopedic Surgery Practices - Ep. 45
Show Details52min 38s
David Krock - Operating for Serendipity - Ep. 44
Show Details52min 59s
Palmer Higgins - Moving to the Operating Side - Ep. 43
Show Details51min 23s
David Johnson - Building a Jeep Ecommerce Business - Ep. 42
Show Details53min 9s
Brandon Laughridge - Blending Real Estate and SMBs - Ep. 41
Show Details55min 17s
Matt Estep - Picking Low Hanging Fruit Off the Ground - Ep. 40
Show Details49min
Aaron Green - The CEO Role in a Growing Company - Ep. 39
Show Details45min 30s
Mitchell Blackmon - Operating and Growing a Chimney Service Business - Ep. 38
Show Details47min 39s
Lacey Wismer - Getting More Women in Search - Ep. 37
Show Details45min 44s
Rich Jordan - Buying a Small Plumbing Business - Ep. 36
Show Details49min 21s
Mark Sinatra - Going Off-Playbook as CEO - Ep. 35
Show Details43min 8s
A.J. Gordon - Running a 3rd Generation Family Business - Ep. 34
Show Details52min 30s
Jared Henderson - Operating with a Social Mission - Ep. 33
Show Details40min 44s
Collin Hathaway - Investing and Operating in Home Services - Ep. 32
Show Details59min 53s
Ryan Lechner & Nico Gimenez - Searching with a Partner - Ep. 31
Show Details54min 4s
Brian Vanderheyden - Owner of Richmond Alarm Company - Ep. 30
Show Details44min 52s
Scott Picker - Founder & Owner of Aspen Creek Landscaping - Ep. 29
Show Details51min 54s
Ben Rudman - Investing in Consumer Businesses - Ep. 28
Show Details57min 43s
Mason Myers - Buffett Inspired Ownership at Greybull Stewardship - Ep. 27
Show Details46min 30s
Joel Blake - Entrepreneurship through Apprenticeship - Ep. 26
Show Details52min 22s
Betsy Brandt - Preparing to Search - Ep. 25
Show Details32min 34s
Jules Brenner - Life as a Searcher - Ep. 24
Show Details47min 39s
Trish Higgins - Chenmark Five Years Later - Ep. 23
Show Details40min 10s
JR De Agostini & Max Artz - All About Owner Outreach - Ep. 22
Show Details41min 9s
Defensive Capital - Searching in the Defense Industry - Ep. 21
Show Details33min 42s
Permanent Capital and Infinite Games with Ali Aydar, CEO of Sporcle - Ep. 20
Show Details55min 40s
Investing Through ESOPs with Chris Fredericks and Spencer Springer from Empowered Ventures - Ep. 19
Show Details47min 36s
Clearing Fog - Ep. 18
Show Details39min 17s
Greg Geronemus, Footbridge Partners - Ep. 17
Show Details40min 54s
Update with Justin Turner, Traction Capital Partners - Ep. 16
Show Details26min 17s
Update with Mikel Berger, Little Engine Ventures - Ep. 15
Show Details32min 25s
Michael Girdley, Dura Software - Ep. 14
Show Details43min 25s
Will Schoeberlein, Golden Southeast - Ep. 13
Show Details1hr 11min
Lui Pangiarella & Akram Sabbagh, Second Squared - Ep. 12
Show Details54min 45s
Sam Rosati, Pursuant Capital - Ep. 11
Show Details52min 21s
Mikel Berger, Little Engine Ventures - Ep. 10
Show Details59min 52s
Tim Ludwig, Ohana Capital - Ep. 9
Show Details1hr 6min
Andy Ellis, Localize Capital - Ep. 8
Show Details1hr 1min
Kevin Graham, Site Arrow - Ep. 7
Show Details44min 3s
David Krock, Sunset Coast Capital - Ep. 6
Show Details1hr 13min
Author's Chat: Walker Deibel & Searchfunder
Show Details45min 21s
Nick Haschka, Cub Investments - Ep. 5
Show Details41min 25s
Peter Bell & Justin Turner, Traction Capital Partners - Ep. 4
Show Details55min 42s
Team from - Ep. 3
Show Details1hr 3min
Mike Boyd, Vroom Vroom Vroom and Mudbrick Capital - Ep. 2
Show Details1hr 18min
Trish Higgins, Chenmark Capital - Ep. 1
Show Details37min 9s