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Thing in it-self

Conversations with important academics. Philosophy, physics, AI, cognition, psychology, political economy, history.. things of that sort.


Raymond Tallis on human experience, naturalism, philosophy & art
Show Details1hr 8min
John Stewart and the evolutionary world view
Show Details1hr 49min
Jean Bricmont on Bohmian mechanics, philosophy, fashionable nonsense
Show Details55min 8s
Craig Callender on time, quantum gravity, blackhole thermodynamics, ethics
Show Details1hr 19min
Gregg Henriques on the new unified theory of psychology
Show Details2hr 5min
Iris Berent on language, innate knowledge, human nature
Show Details1hr 7min
Gualtiero Piccinini on computation and the mind
Show Details1hr 36min
Paul Thagard on cognition, consciousness, misinformation, balance
Show Details2hr 25min
Herbert Gintis on behaviour, economics, altruism and cooperation
Show Details1hr 44min
Tim Maudlin on time, quantum mechanics, metaphysics, non-locality
Show Details2hr 30min
James Robert Brown on mathematics, platonism, philosophy of science
Show Details1hr 46min