Thick & Thin

The spoken diary of Katy Bellotte, a self-employed graphic designer living in Los Angeles. Each Thursday, Katy blends her personal experiences with stories from history, offering advice, laughs & some major epiphanies. She chats about living in full color, through the thick & the thin (with a dirty martini in hand).


Self-hatred spirals & food guilt
Show Details48min 39s
Control freaks & big mouths
Show Details42min 55s
New seasons & old scandals
Show Details47min 24s
Life in LA & sinking ships
Show Details46min 45s
Books I love, saltwater & spies
Show Details45min 58s
Shiny things & pirate queens
Show Details49min 58s
Why I left nyc & what's next
Show Details50min 27s
Oversharing, folklore & mad women
Show Details48min 39s
It’s okay to start over (& it’s not too late)
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I took an RV across the country & here's the tea
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Influencer industry secrets, creative blindness & more
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Tough decisions & making the first move
Show Details46min 33s
Speak up, even if your voice shakes
Show Details53min 42s
The dreaded FaceTime date & romance post-covid
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Let's talk about COPYCATS!
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Failure is just research (unless you never try again)
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The truth about jealousy & hate
Show Details49min 6s
The things we forget & unexpected visitors in our lives
Show Details46min 47s
Instant gratification is ruining our lives
Show Details46min 49s
Why "almost" relationships hurt more than real ones & more
Show Details47min 6s
Why it's hard for us to be alone & productive right now
Show Details47min 54s
Do I like them or am I just bored?
Show Details47min 37s
Be careful what you wish for...
Show Details45min 31s
When things don't go as planned
Show Details31min 28s
Contagious fear & repeating history
Show Details43min 36s
My unfiltered NYC dating life & story time
Show Details46min 50s
Doing more than one thing & my freelance career
Show Details48min 4s
Self-doubt is killing your dreams
Show Details50min 8s
The revenge dress
Show Details44min 54s
The power of words, black history month & Toni Morrison
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Let’s talk about the good stuff
Show Details37min 4s
An honest sexy time chat
Show Details45min 5s
When we don’t know what we’re doing
Show Details44min 42s
Ghosting & the SLOW FADE
Show Details43min 16s
Tough love & seasons of retreat
Show Details43min 11s
Trying scary, new things & imposter syndrome
Show Details45min 30s
Work stress & date stories
Show Details41min
The truth about holiday stress
Show Details43min 13s
The truth about quitting my 9-5
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I 'like-like' him
Show Details45min 51s
Truth or dare & juxtaposition
Show Details42min 23s
Feeling hopeless & redefining yourself
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People pleasing & life choices
Show Details45min 4s
The loneliness epidemic
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Whiskey shots & commitment
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The truth about influencers
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The truth about hustle culture
Show Details44min 48s
Losing can be sexy
Show Details45min 44s
Bad days & bad dates
Show Details46min 47s
Where has the magic gone?
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Dealing with criticism & taking things personally
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The truth about loving yourself
Show Details46min 2s
Breakups & mercury in retrograde
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Feeling Fat
Show Details42min 50s
POST-GRAD STRESS & finding happiness
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Show Details42min 35s
Red lipstick & femininity
Show Details41min 22s
The fear of change in your twenties
Show Details43min 28s
Love letters & face masks
Show Details43min 56s
When things aren't "right"
Show Details33min
Is college ACTUALLY the best four years?
Show Details40min 15s
How to deal with stress
Show Details40min 53s
My fake life
Show Details41min 48s
The truth about being selfish
Show Details39min 17s
The truth about love
Show Details46min 7s
When being tired isn't "cool"
Show Details42min 56s
Vodka soda hangovers & marilyn monroe
Show Details45min 5s
Falling in love with the idea of love & comparing yourself
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The fear of being lonely
Show Details43min 19s
Toxic relationships & zelda fitzgerald
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Being "too much"
Show Details44min 34s
When life isn't pretty & perfect
Show Details41min 15s
Dating déjà vu & beer goggles
Show Details42min 22s
How my parents met & other juicy stories
Show Details38min 44s
Am I settling?
Show Details45min 21s
College guys... thank u, next.
Show Details46min 46s
The secrets I keep...
Show Details42min 21s
It's ghosting season
Show Details47min 15s
In line at the bar...
Show Details43min 16s
Good things & french kisses
Show Details40min 52s
Growing up & getting hurt
Show Details44min 45s
The truth about my life in New York
Show Details44min 4s
What was I thinking?!
Show Details47min 21s
Forcing It & Faking It
Show Details45min 49s
Life, Love & New York City
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