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The Taste of Success - Hosted By Mitch's Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to know what the founder of your favourite brand has for breakfast? Or what your favourite athletes last ever meal would be?

We all have fond (or not so fond) memories about eating and Mitch, through his own passion for food, sets out to find out these stories.

#TheTasteOfSuccess is a unique way of talking to people from all walks of business and life, with food at the forefront.


10 - Dominique Woolf - The Woolf's Kitchen
Show Details35min 22s
9 - Daniel Nicholson: Nadamoo
Show Details1hr 8min
8 - Elisha Langridge: WW Ambassador
Show Details46min 50s
7 - Danny Witter: Work For Good Co-Founder
Show Details31min 42s
6 - Brad Vanstone: Willicroft Plant-Based Cheeses
Show Details41min 5s
5 - Joe Hill: Co-Founder of One Planet Pizza
Show Details51min 58s
4 - Billy Morgan: Pro Snowboarder & Red Bull Athlete
Show Details28min 20s
3 - Jess Salamanca: Founder of Banana Scoops - Dairy Free Ice Cream
Show Details44min 27s
2 - Robbie Lockie: Plant Based News Co-Founder
Show Details46min 34s
1 - Sébastien Foucan: Freerunning Founder, Ninja Warrior & James Bond Star
Show Details1hr 21min