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The Skylark Bell

A mysterious house with a frightening history, a new resident with a deeply held secret, a strange old woman who may be the key to it all... get ready to fall into the world of Meadow Lane and the Skylark Bell.

The Skylark Bell is a serial podcast written and hosted by Melissa Oliveri. Each episode contains one chapter of the book. Additionally, once per month, on Fantôme Friday, she recounts a real life paranormal or, at the very least, unexplained experience. If you like ghosts, psychic visions, and the supernatural in general, you'll love this podcast!

This podcast is brought to you by: Things with Wings Productions and Phaeton Starling Publishing.

All music composed by Cannelle (

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Instagram: @theskylarkbell

Twitter: @melissaoliveri



Wingspan - Chapter 24, The Lark & Bell Artist's Retreat
Show Details14min 53s
Wingspan - Chapter 23, The Birthday Bell
Show Details13min 57s
Wingspan - Chapter 22, Goodbye Gemma
Show Details16min 46s
Wingspan - Chapter 21, Moving Forward Looking Back
Show Details14min 8s
Wingspan - Chapter 20, Moonlight
Show Details13min 41s
Wingspan - Chapter 19, One Step Forward One Century Back
Show Details14min 18s
Wingspan - Chapter 18, The Vanishings
Show Details15min 56s
Wingspan - Chapter 17, Le Corbeau
Show Details12min 59s
A Skylark Special - The Other Rachel
Show Details31min 27s
Wingspan - Chapter 16, Nightfall
Show Details14min 20s
Wingspan - Chapter 15, Gateway
Show Details11min 23s
Wingspan - Chapter 14, Swan Dive
Show Details13min 9s
Wingspan - Chapter 13, Love Dad
Show Details12min 45s
Wingspan - Chapter 12, A Special Guest
Show Details13min 9s
Wingspan - Chapter 11, The Skye Lark Belle
Show Details16min 41s
Wingspan - Chapter 10, Night Magic
Show Details12min 28s
Wingspan - Chapter 9, The Lark Festival
Show Details11min 21s
Wingspan - Chapter 8, Carnifex House
Show Details15min 4s
Wingspan - Chapter 7, Pòcaid
Show Details13min 22s
Wingspan - Chapter 6, Skylarks Over Scotland
Show Details12min 40s
Wingspan - Chapter 5, The Clawfoot Gallery
Show Details11min 35s
Wingspan - Chapter 4, The End is the Beginning is the End
Show Details11min 51s
Wingspan - Chapter 3, The Blue Dress
Show Details13min 46s
Wingspan - Chapter 2, Birds of a Feather Fly Together
Show Details12min 52s
Wingspan - Chapter 1, Suitcase to Scotland
Show Details13min 11s
The Skylark Bell - Season 1 Recap
Show Details5min 46s
The Skylark Bell - BONUS Chapter, A Strange New Year
Show Details8min 15s
A Skylark Special - Preview of Songs from The Skylark Bell
Show Details1min 46s
A Skylark Special - The Moonlight Parade (Thanksgiving Special)
Show Details13min
A Skylark Special - Q&A Episode
Show Details13min 31s
Fantôme Friday #12 - The Wedding Dress
Show Details19min 30s
Fantôme Friday #11 - The Piano, The Ofrenda
Show Details10min 1s
Fantôme Friday #10 - The Convent (Halloween Special)
Show Details14min 27s
Fantôme Friday #9 - Grandma's Goodbye
Show Details11min 15s
Fantôme Friday Special - My Mother's Ring (Erin Lunde)
Show Details10min 25s
The Skylark Bell - BONUS chapter, Disappearances
Show Details12min 3s
The Skylark Bell - BONUS Chapter, Sydney Finch
Show Details14min 17s
Fantôme Friday #8 - The Harlequin
Show Details12min 20s
The Skylark Bell - Epilogue
Show Details4min 32s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 26, Legacy
Show Details13min 49s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 25, My Dearest Magpie
Show Details13min 28s
Fantôme Friday #7 - The Bridge
Show Details8min 47s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 24, Everything Finds its Way in Time
Show Details12min 57s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 23, The Skylark Bell
Show Details13min 13s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 22, This Is How Ghosts Must Feel
Show Details11min 38s
Fantôme Friday #6 - The House on Edgar Street
Show Details9min 13s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 21, Now Fly Sweet Bird
Show Details13min 51s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 20, Meadow Lane
Show Details15min 36s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 19, A Starling in the Flowerbed
Show Details11min 34s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 18, The Sketch
Show Details12min 51s
Fantôme Friday #5 - Glitches
Show Details11min 33s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 17, In the Archives
Show Details10min 11s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 16, The Feather Key
Show Details9min 40s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 15, Blackbirds and Blackberries
Show Details13min 4s
Fantôme Friday #4 - The Bootleggers
Show Details9min 41s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 14, The Sketchbook
Show Details10min 2s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 13, Farfalla
Show Details10min 48s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 12, Cold Pancakes
Show Details9min 54s
Fantôme Friday #3 - The Open House
Show Details10min 8s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 11, Terror in the Night
Show Details10min 25s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 10, The Dinner Date
Show Details11min 18s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 9, The Old Trunk
Show Details11min 18s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 8, The Attic
Show Details9min 32s
Fantôme Friday #2 - The Lady in the Window
Show Details11min 21s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 7, Mystery at Mirror Pond
Show Details9min 49s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 6, An Accidental Discovery
Show Details10min
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 5, Sunset on the Bridge
Show Details14min 47s
Fantôme Friday #1 - Jack's Room
Show Details13min 12s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 4, An Unexpected Guest
Show Details12min 21s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 3, The Early Bird
Show Details8min 27s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 2, Lucas
Show Details9min 28s
The Skylark Bell - Chapter 1, The Old Farmhouse
Show Details8min 51s
The Skylark Bell - Introduction
Show Details4min 12s
The Skylark Bell - Teaser Trailer
Show Details1min 7s