The Rupee Room

The Rupee Room is a show that tells stories emanating from a chaotic canvas of thorny issues that revolve around the common theme of money. Each episode looks at a new financial wrinkle and offers jargon- and judgement-free insight acquired over the years working as a financial journalist. There will be personal finance ideas, views from the investment world, and occasionally a lighthearted piece on things rather tangentially tied to money.

Everyone looking to keep their money in their pockets can take something from The Rupee Room Podcast. Listeners across the income spectrum could glean wisdom about saving more, spending smarter, preserving wealth, and, hopefully, confront their fears about money. As the British-Irish actor and comedian Spike Milligan once said: money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure as hell improves the quality of your misery.


Dogecoin: To the moon or just moonshine
Show Details16min 20s
Financial infidelity: Cheating by any other name
Show Details9min 20s
You may be sued: Is your fortune insulated?
Show Details10min 28s
5 personal-finance ideas busted by the COVID-19 crisis
Show Details8min 35s
The Rupee Room Preview
Show Details2min