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There's Something about Archviz

There's Something about Archviz is on a journey to deliver insight and knowledge on important topics connected with the field of archviz through a series of informal conversations with industry leaders and experts.


Episode 13 - Working in-house as Archviz Artist for an Architecture Firm - With Francisco Tirado
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Season Finale - Mental Health in the Archviz Industry
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Episode 12 - Coordinating and Leading Teams for Archviz Projects - With Anna Perela
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Episode 11- Cultivating Client Education and Relationships - With Simon Oudiette
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Episode 10 - Exploring side activities as an Archviz Artist - With Lisa Della Dora
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Episode 09 - Gender equality and balance in Archviz - With Elena Valeria Miller
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Episode 08 - Understanding the Archviz Job Market — with Lucia Frascerra
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Episode 07 - Past, Present and Future of education in Archviz — with Fabio D'Agnano
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What does it really mean to receive an education in archviz?

Archviz training doesn’t necessarily follow the traditional academic path. We know that too well, many of us are self-taught or have been following scattered courses and tutorials.

However, the offer we have today is unprecedented. The pandemic has brought so much online educational content for archviz artists, and the common idea of YouTube having a tutorial for everything revolving around our profession…well, today is truer than ever.

So, what’s the past, present, and a possible future for education in archviz? Today I’m joined by Fabio D’Agnano, that will help me shedding light on this topic. Fabio is the Director of the Master in Digital Architecture (MADI) at the University of Venice, a long-time teacher and industry veteran.

In this episode, we discuss why it is worth pursuing formal education in archviz and why we should go beyond the excessive technical focus in programs and courses. We also talk about the power of networking, the future of online learning, what makes a teacher great, and much more related to how our profession has evolved in time.

About the Master in Digital Architecture (MADI)

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44min 36s
Published Feb 18, 2021 at 1:00am
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